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Police arrest three, force couple to parade naked over “intent of adultery”

Published Aug 04, 2012 09:35am


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Police stand guard in interior Sindh. – File photo by AFP
Police stand guard in interior Sindh. – File photo by AFP

GAMBAT: Police in the interior Sindh town of Gambat have arrested a man and two women and have charged them with “intentions of adultery,” BBC Urdu reported on Saturday.

Curiously, the law-enforcers took it upon themselves to register a police case and also decided to act as witnesses to the said “crime.”

Reportedly, a video clip is doing the rounds among locals, where the man and one of the women charged by police are shown being paraded naked and are trying to put their clothes back on but are forced against it by police officials.

In a recent development, a local journalist Shafiq Khoro informed that the man arrested by police, Mumtaz, had been warned by locals over his antics, where he had been found drunk and involved in unethical activities by his neighbours. "On the night of the incident, between July 28 and 29, Mumtaz was once again found disrupting the peace of the neighbourhood with his activities. The people of the area called the police but by the time the law-enforcers arrived, Mumtaz had already fled. Later, police found him in his courtyard with two women. One of the women was found to be inappropriately dressed," Khoro said.

Earlier, it was reported that when the local SHO was contacted by BBC Urdu, he agreed to give an official statement on the case but was later unavailable to make comments. Meanwhile, Deputy Superintendent Police Sagheer Mughairi said he was unaware of the incident and suggested the media to contact the local police station for further information.

According to the case registered by the police, officials were informed by a “local spy” that a man called “Mumtaz” had invited two women over for sexual favours. Police officials claim that when police officials reached the site, they found a man “sitting inside a room, with his arms around two women.” Since no witnesses were present on the site to record their statements, two police officials who were part of the raid were made witnesses to the “act.”

However, as opposed to the police statement, it is believed that several eye-witnesses were present at the site and reportedly saw the police force a naked man and a woman on to the streets. While parading the couple through the streets, the police also went past “Sheikh Chowk,” which is half a kilometre away from the site of the incident. When BBC Urdu spoke to the eye-witnesses present at “Sheikh Chowk,” they said that when they showed their aversion to the police, the woman – still without clothes – was forced into a police mobile and Mumtaz was forced to walk in front of the vehicle all the way to the police station. The second woman, eye-witnesses said, was fully clothed at this point.

According to the police, Mumtaz Hussain Mir Bahar is a local trader, who managed to seek a bail from a local court. Meanwhile, both women have been sent to Larkana jail.

Mumtaz claimed his innocence to BBC Urdu and said he is being victimised by the police. He has filed a petition, which will be heard on August 8 in the Sindh High Court.

While locals have condemned the incident, no official complaint has been lodged.

Gambat is an administrative division (tehsil) of Khairpur district, which is also home to Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah. A large majority of traders is settled in the small town.


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Comments (65) Closed

Baloo Aug 04, 2012 02:11pm
Lack of human decency in Pakistan. Lack of education is the root cause.
Agha Ata Aug 04, 2012 01:28pm
Sex between a woman and a man is strictly private business, unless one of them is underage or married or unwilling (rape). Besides entering a private house to witness such intimacy is a worse crime, especially if done by the police. But parading a man and women on the streets is not a punishment for them, it is humiliating the whole humanity. That is not a worldly punishment; that is executing their souls, that is doing even more than God will ever do to them. Government, police should publically apologies the man and the women, and pay them a fine to enable them to enjoy a worldly life.
shair khan Aug 04, 2012 01:20pm
It is very unfortunate. This is low of the low. From top to bottom there is corruption.
Ali Aug 04, 2012 12:50pm
Why do we need Taliban when we have the police
Jam Aug 04, 2012 12:42pm
Very similar incidents have happened in India as well. Why do you guys have to turn every issue into a gloating exercise against Pakistan?
ABlitzer Aug 04, 2012 12:22pm
This incident is a new low, even for Pakistan. These policemen should be severely punished and preferably expelled from the force and handed down a mandatory jail sentence each.
Ghandhi Aug 04, 2012 11:49am
Why in Sindh and Punjab such cases on the rise? look at the histroy and you find these happening in Punjab or Sindh..
Iftikhar Husain Aug 04, 2012 11:42am
It is again a sad incident something must be done.
Khaqan Bhatti Aug 04, 2012 11:36am
Sindh Police even dont care about CHADAR and CHARDIWARI.If any one have a doubt on this statement can travell from MORO to Sukkur by road (National High Ways) where after evey ten,fifteen kilometer is police post ,they stop every vehicle and loot people on different pretexts.
Sohaib YAHIA Aug 04, 2012 11:02am
This can only happen in Islamic Republic of Pakistan where, in the holy month of Ramadan, our so-called Muslim law enforcers indulge in such horrific and shameful act that goes well below minimum definition of humanity. No wonder why this nation is not cursed and doomed.
Imtiaz Aug 04, 2012 10:43am
These 'olympics' feats are held in Pakistan only and we bag most such medals.
safar shah Aug 04, 2012 10:50am
Leave it to Dawn to be the icon bearer for anything negative in Pakistan and to keep the comment board selectively enabled for Pakistan bashing. Dawn where do you get your funding?
shizz Aug 04, 2012 10:46am
where are the tableeghi jamaat? doing dawa in lavish homes and neighborhoods.. what' about these villages? shame on us!
gulshan Aug 04, 2012 10:35am
Islamic Republic of Pakistan...........Zindabad.
AHK Aug 04, 2012 10:34am
What is the crime? Anything that happens inside a house is not a crime. If they do anything objectionable in front of people, it is a different story. Zina can only be charged when there are four witnesses, who have seen the insertion from four different directions. The police have apparently carried out high-handed justice and have no right to strip anyone like this.
Gerry D'Cunha Aug 04, 2012 10:28am
Where were our so called news media ARY;GEO etc that BBC had to disclose this news. The news media of Pakistan are hyprocrates, they only broadcast news which suits their channels. For example, the incidents of 11 nurses being poisoned in Karachi Civil hospital during the holy month of Ramdan was totally blackout from their channels. Shame on these channel! Converting a hindu boy to Islam was widely covered by these channels. Remember the world is watchig you.
Shokat Aug 04, 2012 10:24am
Have we all become perverts and degenerates, no education and no morals, where is our Islam, oh in the gutter where it has been trod upon by these idiots of our country. Shame on us. We have become "honourable" hypocrites. Next the police will be beating up people for not fasting, oh too late we have done that too. So to become a police officer you have to be low IQ, no education have religious fervour but no morals, no sense of duty and definetly no sense of justice and be ready to accept bribes, oh and before I forget must have a round belly like a pregnant man. Does anyone run anything in our country. Please someone answer me. --------------------------- Dear Dawn, I have the right to my opinions and these must be published. Otherwise it is censorship and if you censor me then what stops you being censored too. That is how freedom of speech works. --------------------------
Hasnain Aug 04, 2012 10:13am
We need to stop regulating people's lives. What they do in private is none of our business and any laws that give the state the power to look into people's private lives should be repealed. This insanity cannot be stopped until people realise that it is by allowing choice, and not coercion, that societies begin to make progress.
stoneheart Aug 04, 2012 10:03am
humiliation of less fortunate, in Pakistan, has never slowed down. Result: Nation as a whole is humiliated several times a year in the world. Pakistan is walking naked in the world. Trying to put its clothes back on but has failed. Stop it in your home and it'll stop for you in the world.
impala Aug 04, 2012 12:12pm
These 'officials' should receive similar punishment.
Harish Bansal Aug 05, 2012 08:34am
Aurangzeb Humayun Aug 04, 2012 09:55am
Qaim Ali Shah must be knowing the matter batter . I think he should give comment on this thorny issue.
Zalim singh Aug 04, 2012 09:57am
Wow. Nice country you have there.
Raja Aug 04, 2012 03:08pm
This news is fake and it proves how British news media is aggressively defaming Pakistan.
illawarrior Aug 04, 2012 03:43pm
and where was the man? where was his humiliatiion?
azhar Aug 04, 2012 03:49pm
shame on our police...
Devendra Aug 04, 2012 04:22pm
What is wrong with you guys in Pakistan? When did it became your birth right to check in to people's nickers? By what right do you intrude on people's private affairs in their own bedrooms? What a sick bunch!!!!! No wonder the world is no more shocked by what ever takes place in Pakistan. The world is numb about you guys.
Hasnain Aug 05, 2012 01:32pm
I'm not sure if the state should ever have such power. A state that can honestly regulate people's lives is inconceivable to me. I wonder if such a state has ever existed. Educating people regarding ethics and then leaving the choice to them seems a more sensible solution.
Saqib Aug 04, 2012 05:04pm
'Intentions of adultery' !!! So now we have thought police, who can read the intentions of people, and can punish them before they actually commit the crime !!! How efficient to subdue crimes !!!
Brighton Aug 04, 2012 05:31pm
People of Pakistan has to be learning how to feel shame. Recently in holy month of Ramzan poison was mixed in the tea pot meant for christian nurses in Civil Hospital Karachi, Pakistan. As a result of tea drinking from the poisened tea pot 11 nurses got poisoned. Though it is not reported by the media but the news is circulated in christian news papers and face book . Pakistan be holy atleast in Ramzan.
Slim Aug 04, 2012 05:58pm
Feudalism & Fundamentalism are a very bad mix. That's the reason these types of incidents keep happening in Punjab & Sindh.
Shafi Aug 04, 2012 06:09pm
Truth should come out and not hidden. Unfortunately the so so called 'Pakistan bashing' will only stop if Pakistani society cleanses its house.
Zeeshan Ahmed Aug 04, 2012 06:12pm
Pakistan is ruled by a mix of secular and feudal laws, and hence I agree that in such a corrupt system, any interference by the law in peoples personal affairs is distasteful. But under Islamic law, such acts must be prohibited because they are not confined to the person's personal life, but affect the lives of other people as well. Engaging in activities deemed unlawful in Islam like consuming alcohol and committing zina, affects everyone in society because of the moral degradation, increase in crime, spread of disease, even breakdown of the family structure, amongst so many other things.
Antion Aug 04, 2012 07:13pm
It's called 'thanaydari'!
Antion Aug 04, 2012 07:17pm
As if India is the champion of democracy and free speech .. they just don't report the negatives of their country.
omer khan shaheen Aug 04, 2012 07:22pm
One of the name of Allah is Sattaar. I wish we Pakistanis understand the meaning. No one has the right to humiliate others, In fact safe guarding fellow Muslim's respect, life, and wealth is farad. If they were guilty then punish them according to Islam not work against Islam. No where in Islam have i heard or read that we should make the guilty walk naked in the streets. "May Allah forgive us all and guide us".
Ixion Aug 04, 2012 07:24pm
You make an excellent point about the STRICT Islamic requisites for proving zina, yet many people on this forum are maligning Islam. Tells you plenty about the prevalent mindset .. blame everything on Islam but spare the so-called Muslims.
Haider Aug 04, 2012 07:40pm
I wonder if you know anything about them. Even if you don't, I wonder how you can make that comment, claim the higher moral ground and still be in your house rather than giving dawa in "these villages". These people are doing a great service - encourage them if you are unable to do anything on your own.
Asif Khan Aug 04, 2012 07:40pm
The same thing happens every day in India. Police and local land owners parading poor people just humiliate them and show their power and control. It is just not limited to Pakistan alone.
Yousaf Aug 04, 2012 07:50pm
You only want to hear positive Pakistani news????? Start looking. Maybe you will find some.
Ali Abbas Aug 04, 2012 08:02pm
People of Pakistan might get some justice if our courts are not too busy playing a or Le of opposition. They are too bust undercutting the federal govt to pay attention to their real job I.e. providing justice to ordinary person.
@shahg64 Aug 04, 2012 08:14pm
A true Muslim covers up the shame of others, a true Momin gives purdah to others, what kind of animals are these? There is still no Islam in Pakistan, we are Muslims in name only.
@shahg64 Aug 04, 2012 08:16pm
Dont blame the mirror when you yourself are so ugly looking.... Dawn is just the mirror and we should thank it, people like you have a reverse logic which is why we are in the gutter. Dawn please keep exposing these ugly naked truth in our society instead of running away from them.
sattar rind Aug 04, 2012 08:23pm
this is Pakistan.
Khazina Aug 04, 2012 09:03pm
So what's the point? Are we not supposed to be better than the all the others ? Muslims are at their lowest level in all fields answer speak.
zia khan Aug 04, 2012 10:03pm
Suddenly Tableeghi Jamaat has become answerable to you. You should ask this question to yourself.
Umair Khan Jadoon Aug 04, 2012 10:06pm
Don't be so quick to mock. There have been worse cases in India.
Noorel Haque Aug 04, 2012 10:36pm
Seldom a day goes by when you do not hear something derogatory about Pakistan. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has broken all records of immorality, illiteracy, corruption, indecency, backwardness and common decency. I just hope that the people of Pakistan wake up in my life time. The first step to recovery is accepting that you have a problem but unfortunately Pakistan is in denial and blind to everything happening around them. Wake up before you disappear in a gutter.
Noorel Haque Aug 04, 2012 10:37pm
This not Pakistan bashing, stop being in denial, Pakistan has sunk so low that it is in danger of passing the mark of no return.
Alamgir Aug 05, 2012 12:17am
Because the Taliban would clean up this mess. And restore justice. Don't believe all the propaganda they spread against the Taliban freedom fighter. They would have simply beheaded the police officers who did this in public, and it would not happen again.
Abbasi Aug 05, 2012 12:20am
@Jam: Don't compare with India. They are degraded. We should not lower ourselves to their standards, rather rise up to ours.
Aftab Aug 05, 2012 12:25am
This is wrong on so many levels. VOTE FOR IMRAN KHAN to take this country out of darkness and make it a progressive, prosperous nation.
garn badshah Aug 05, 2012 12:38am
how long these can work ?
garn badshah Aug 05, 2012 12:42am
what you want " die " in darkness so no one can hear or see what happened to the low classes of this country . and giving a license to rich or empowered ones to say do whatever they choose to... tragic... are u employed for that ?
saj Aug 05, 2012 02:08am
well said if the actions of a person do not affect or harm you then its a personal issue for them and you have no right to moralise on thir behalf simple
mushtaq Aug 05, 2012 03:25am
To please Gerry, please nobody convert when the world is watching.
nazia Aug 05, 2012 04:42am
uneducated people....
Shams Aug 05, 2012 06:33am
I do not see any relavance of your comments here in this case. These type of cases are very common in India, Pakistan, Philippine, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand......list is very long.....and even in rural areas of Western world. Please keep eyes and ears open and read the news and do not be BIAS.......STONEHEART......
Shams Aug 05, 2012 06:38am
Gerry.......This incident happened in a rural area......and BBC got this news...kudos to them.....may be BBC's Rep. happen to be in the area.......
mohan Aug 05, 2012 07:14am
u r wrong. thats what happening here too.... bro
HSGLK Aug 05, 2012 06:41pm
it may have happened once in a while in india but in pakistan its very common ...which is still a tribal n feudal society
nawab hyder ali Aug 05, 2012 06:45pm
speak for yourself ..... it may happen once in a while in india but mostly in rural n majority of muslim communities and hence they need to be taught a lesson for their backwardness .. but it does not happen everyday as in pakistan
nadeem Aug 06, 2012 06:55am
Hasnain, I agree with you a 100%. What people do behind closed doors is their personal business. In order to set an example and prevent this from happeining in future, the police officials in question, should also be stripped naked and paraded through the streets for everyone to see.
Guest UK Aug 06, 2012 07:28am
We need to bring in moderate Sharia Laws like in UAE and Qatar. Only recipe to our existence is following and practising Islam. May Allah have mercy on us.
Afroze Aug 06, 2012 03:53pm
These things happen because Pakistan has the " law of Jungle ", and in accordance with the jungle law people are treated like animals.