If you thought that sequels are always better than the original flick, think again. The sequel to the amazing Clash of the Titans was nothing like its predecessor, as it lacked the firepower and had a story that dragged on.

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, Wrath of the Titans lacks the emotional punch but nearly makes up for it with plenty of action scenes, admirable effects and a monster that would have destroyed the world had it not been stopped.

The movie kicks off a decade after the events of the first film in which Perseus (Sam Worthington) had slain a mighty beast Kraken, and won himself a trophy wife Io. He now lives with his son after the death of his wife, and all was going well until his father Zeus (Liam Neeson) visits to ask him for help. As expected, Perseus decides to stay away from the fight of the gods only to spring into action after Zeus is captured by his ‘other’ son Ares (Édgar Ramírez) and brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes), who plan to give his powers to Chronos, the father of Zeus and Hades, and grandfather of Perseus and Ares.

All Perseus has to do is to rescue his father and then save the world from Chronos, and in his quest, he gathers a few friends including Queen Andromeda (Rosamund Pike), cousin Agenor (Toby Kebball) as well as a couple of one-eyed monsters and Hephaestus, the smith god. They then mange to do what is good for humanity and go into the battle to win it!

What makes this movie dull is that the bulk of lines spoken are credited to Zeus and Hades, while the rest of the cast feature prominently in the action sequences. The plot is very simple but the poor quality of 3D doesn’t make it livelier.

For young viewers, Clash of the Titans was an ideal film as it had a story as well as characters that did justice to the plot.

Whereas the characters remain the same in this edition, the lack of story is evident. A lot of CGI graphics may go well with the adults but for youngsters, it is over the board. Only to be watched when there is nothing better to do!— OA