Reema Omer

Sedition and its discontents

Elements of the offence are vague and over-broad, and open to subjective interpretations. Published Feb 03, 2020 07:12am

Due process

Musharraf must be allowed to engage a counsel of his own choice. Published Dec 03, 2019 07:19am

Dismal approach to rights

Pakistan responded in a perfunctory manner to the UN committee’s recommendations. Updated Nov 24, 2019 08:25am

Definition of terrorism

International standards clarify that laws related to terrorism must be clearly and precisely formulated. Published Nov 04, 2019 07:12am

Defining judicial misconduct

Some aspects of the judicial accountability framework appear inconsistent with international standards. Published Aug 26, 2019 07:01am

Bail and liberty

Under international standards, pretrial detention should be the exception. Published Jun 22, 2019 06:59am

Myth of ‘speedy justice’

Courts in Pakistan have warned that “speedy trial should never be at the cost of the procedure”. Published Apr 01, 2019 06:54am

Yet another extension?

Extending the military courts’ jurisdiction will not help counter the very real terrorist threat. Updated Jan 05, 2019 12:33pm

A distinct crime

A law is needed to criminalise disappearances. Published Sep 04, 2018 06:02am

Suo motu action

Article 184(3) is a powerful mechanism to be used judiciously. Published May 27, 2018 07:05am

‘Short-term’ disappearances

UN experts have called enforced disappearance “a tool for repression” and a “technique of terror”. Published Dec 18, 2017 06:51am

Human rights review

The NCHR’s work has been subjected to a number of constraints. Published Nov 10, 2017 01:27am

Human rights doublespeak

Pakistan’s election to the Human Rights Council in itself is no victory for human rights in the country. Published Oct 21, 2017 06:58am

Ineffective commissions

No perpetrators of enforced disappearances have ever been brought to account. Published Oct 03, 2017 07:00am

Defining terrorism

Courts have failed to interpret the Anti-Terrorism Act in a consistent manner. Published Aug 21, 2017 07:13am

International law in Pakistan

The judiciary has sometimes appeared dismissive of international human rights treaties. Published Jul 29, 2017 07:07am