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Story time: My frosty adventure

June 15, 2012

It was a dark snowy night. The bright moon illuminated the cobwebs making them shimmer. It was quiet. In fact, it was eerie. I could bear it no longer. I had to do something.

As quick as a flash, I jumped out of bed, put on my slippers, dressing gown, socks and a teddy bear in a bag along with my pyjamas and then I changed. I put the bag on my back and crept quietly downstairs. I picked a bar of chocolate, apple and some dried fruit.

At last I began my adventure. I opened the back door and stepped out into the cold night air. By the time I had started walking, it was snowing. The gentle, but cold, snowflakes landed softly on my lips and nose.

The trees had a spooky silhouette across the ground. I walked out of the garden and shut the gate behind me with a small click. It was just a beautiful sight. The snow was scattered all over the village. It was fun walking alone. The snow made wonderful crunchy noises when I stepped on it and at the same time the snowy trees made a sort of “swish swish” noise. The icicles made it very peculiar.

I said aloud to myself, ‘I wonder what is happening to me.’

As if in reply, all the icicles flew and formed wings around me. It felt wonderful soaring through the air at top speed. I was so busy flying that I didn’t notice that the snowy landscape was changing. The buildings were getting whiter; in fact everything was turning whiter. It was a cold wonderland!

My wings murmured, “It is the land of snow.”

“Whoa,” I said. It was awesome. The houses looked stunning and they were decorated with tiny pieces of ice which were carved into jewel-like shapes. “So, did people live in these houses?”

“Of course!” muttered my wings.

“What sort of people?” I asked.

“Snowmen,” whispered the fluttering wings on my back.

At last I landed; with a bit of a bump too. I picked myself up and began walking steadily towards one of the houses, picked up the ice-carved door-knocker and gently knocked on the cold, hard door. Slowly the door opened and a person covered in snow came out.

“Hello,” said the snow person softly.

“Hi!” I said.

“What’s your name?” said the snow person.

“My name is Summer,” I said.

“What is your name?” I asked the snow person.

“My name is Frost,” she replied.

“Do you want to come and play outside?” I asked.

“Oh yes, please,” replied Frost eagerly.

So out we went! “Here is the ice lolly tree.”

“The ice lolly tree?”

“Yes,” said Frost, “it gives you ice lolly of any flavour that you want.” After finishing our ice lolly, we had a snow ball fight.

“Catch me if you can,” Frost chanted.

After that Frost and I went to her house. It was delightful inside and I enjoyed every minute of it. That night I slept on Frost’s bed. The next morning we went outside to build snow castles. It was so much fun!

Soon it got dark and I grew tired. But the night was different. I went to bed but I couldn’t sleep. There was a noise that brought fear to my heart; a drumming noise that came from the ceiling...

I woke Frost and we both grabbed our bags and tiptoed out of the house. Frost grabbed hold of my waist. I started to fly. It was seemingly impossible to fly with Frost holding onto my waist. It was bitterly cold and I was extremely tired. I could barely see. Frost’s weight was holding me down. I had to go on.

But just then, a miracle took place; Frost grew wings too!

“Frost, fly!” I shouted. We both flew through the misty sky. I began wishing that I could land. We flew, and flew. Frost and I held each other’s hands.

She said to me, “Here take this, it’s a gift from me.”

I opened the little box and inside was the most beautiful little glass snowflake model I had ever seen!

“Thank you so much Frost,” I said and carefully I put it in my bag.

Suddenly I heard a powerful applause of thunder echoing around me and lightning seemed to slice the sky in half. My wings disappeared and I started falling. Falling at a tremendous speed....


I woke up in my bed, ‘It was a dream,’ I told myself firmly. But then I realised something — I still had the glass snowflake in my hand. So it must have been true....