HYDERABAD, Aug 2: Speakers at a seminar stressed on establishing a violence-free society where rights and well-being of children are taken care of, and called upon the media to highlight their issues`Violence against children and the role of media’ was the theme of the seminar which was jointly organised by the Society for Protection of Rights of a Child (Sparc) and local journalists. It’s amazing that media never reports on the abuse of tribal children who are offered guns instead of pens. This grave problem hasn’t attracted any of the TV channels, said Zulfiqar Shah of Institute of Social Movements.

Inattention of civil society and media can be fathomed from the fact that never cause of the death of a child in a shelter house has been reported by the media, he said. Another important factor of violence against children is migration. He called for providing protection to them by revising laws against child abuse and violence.

Media have not even reported about the new laws relating to children issues and proper reporting is ought to bring about positive results in this regard, he said.

A senior journalist Sohail Sangi advised the journalists to remain cautious while reporting children’s issues because media is reckoned as a powerful tool in highlighting issues. It is always approached by the victim, hence multiplying the role and responsibilities of media manifold.

NGOs working on children issues should thoroughly abreast themselves of laws which then would help them in their drives, said Sangi.

National Manager Mohammed Imtiaz Ahmed of Sparc said that violence not only corrupts the inner-man of a child but plays havoc on the whole of the society. A child learns what he lives said Faiz Ahmed Faiz which is true in all senses because a child lived in violence is apt to pass it down to his youngsters.

Mr Ahmed denounced corporal punishment in educational institutions because it debases self-confidence and self-esteem, growth and development of full capabilities of children. It further aggravates when society condones it.

He called for condemning and discouraging violence at every level such as work place, community and homes. Media should bring it to the notice of policy makers by highlighting such issues.

Provincial Manager of Sparc Sohial Abro said that homes are considered as the safest places but many a times it is not the case.

Quoting an NGO’s report, Mr Abro said that 2,012 cases of sexual abuse were reported in 2009 which increased by 11.9 per cent in 2010.

He demanded strict laws and its implementation and asked the media to report such cases. A senior journalist Jaffar Memon and Sparc’s Kashif Bajeer also spoke on the occasion.