An anti-Taliban militiaman stands near the site of a bomb blast, March 9, 2011. — Photo by AP

KHAR: Dozens of militants attacked the homes of two prominent anti-Taliban tribal elders in northwest Pakistan, killing four people and wounding six others, a government official said.

Zabit Khan said the attacks early Monday in the Mohmand tribal area were nearly simultaneous. More than 80 militants assaulted the homes of Malik Ghazi Gul and Malik Mian Gulab with grenades and machine gun fire.

Khan said Gul was critically wounded along with two guards and an unidentified woman. His 12-year-old son was killed. Gulab was not wounded, but his brother, son and nephew were killed. Two women at Gulab's house were also wounded.

Both homes were located in the Safi area of Mohmand. Gul and Gulab were members of an anti-Taliban militia.