Photo by author (Trying to snap this “I have no clue” photo the seventh time on a four second timer finally worked out).

A fine original or for that matter even an adapted screenplay unravels in multiple layers. For example let's suppose I am in the process of writing one right now; one layer would be what the title and all the clickables subliminally suggest, the other would be the information that comes along when releasing the genie from the bottle, and yet another would be the reality I am living as of this moment.

The title frame has already gone past your eyes, so let’s begin with a room temperature of 20 degrees, white energy savers, blue walls, dead paper lamps, and a woman singing “I’m searching a way, they’re long roads to go…” as electronic beats synchronize and set in motion the musical aura…

…“To open the first bottle click here,” said Faisal Shahzad. – Photo by Reuters

The first informative lesson was way back in 2010 - feels like yesterday though when she arrived. But wait, that tune sounds a bit like Fragma’s Miracle…Hasaan, you’re mesmerizing somewhere again, come back, come back…pure silence? No not quite, the chiller is blowing wind like never before, also I thought I heard the door bang shut at least twice…funny because I was the only one here. So begins another melancholy humming taking you to the next scene…

…“If you really want to know why we are distressed you should release the second genie,” she said. – Photo by Reuters

“I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see, painted faces fill the places I can't reach…” that continues playing, it’s getting colder, I think I really need to use the washroom now…

…“But first let’s cut to some hard hitting facts,” crying said this man. – Photo by Reuters

These multiple windows and multiple tabs performing multi-tasks are really confusing me now. Worst of all, the music playing is just not settling in. Oh no, now there are two youtube videos embedded on facebook playing simultaneously and I cannot track either of them. There, fixed it. How well did she sum up the whole newsworthy sadness?

…“We might have an answer,” they said. – Photo by Reuters

Back on my seat, re-charged with a new beverage in a mug and some new electronic sounds. The heavens poured and poured and poured every single raindrop on Pakistan. The Great Floods had arrived, and after a few weeks came along relief aid for the ones whose lives were mostly washed away. It was then that a small journey began…

…“I can tell you the story of this journey,” said a woman at a camp. – Photo by AP

Enough, I need to have an audible bite of Paul Van Dyke’s Forbidden Fruit. Dance genie dance! Genie loves the Forbidden Fruit and eagerly wants to tell you how the journey really ends…

…“Of course I will tell you what you missed out,” wading through the water he said. – Photo by Reuters

“Yawwwwwwn,” time For A Different Feeling, which begins with some drum beats, chords, and flows to sweet sounding progressions. The next chapter starts with an eerie moustache. The blondie who is dying for the limelight once again, starving and growling for attention. Not Hilton, not Lohan but…

…“Hey there Braveheart, yes you do have the best looking moustache. Uhumm…sorry about that, I thought I was alone with my tie. Let me tell you what she thinks of me,” sniffling away said the Pastor. – Photo by Reuters

“Cause it feels like a run of a lifetime, and nothing’s gonna save us now, let the waves come crashing down…” screamed melodiously, the girl from the computer speaker. The chiller is off, it’s too darn cold now. Act eight, scene one; six months have gone by, Pakistan is largely still unsettled, but that doesn’t stop people from giving a helping hand…

…“Jump around…jump around. Here’s what they did for us,” the children said. – Photo by Reuters

“We're still the same, don't have a change, I want you just the way you are every day now, say you stay, don't go away…” plays an old school song. Why am I biting my nails sicko? Oh, my senior colleague should be arriving any moment now. What an extraordinary coincidence I must say…

…Another cork is popped off another bottle as we approach another small trip. “So Zeresh, did you finally realize who the woman from Dhobi Ghat reminds me of?” said I. – Photo by Reuters

“I waited for you at the record shop, walked through the doors and the records stopped, heartbreak on Vinyl was the name of the store, now the store is gone and we can't meet there anymore…” he says while the DJ spins the record. Back from a four hour break, break my _____. I was doing the needful of letting half a million people read some fresh features and glance at a new set of snapshots. Flipping to the next chapter, a new hero or as most countries view him, a villain rises. Although he had appeared earlier before but this time he was stronger than Bin Laden having struck down the two towers. Most importantly, Pakistan got a fair share of the spotlight in the whole hullabaloo which lasted for several months…

…“My name is Prince Julian and I hail from Narnia. Do you want me to spill out all your dirty little secrets?” said Assange. – Photo by AP

“I need blue waters, a dance on the shore, step inside of my dreams once more, show your true colors, carry me away, take me back where the music plays...” – I’m lost in Ibiza again as the ravers go wild in bright yellow sunlight and blue and white waves crash upon the shore. But wait, that’s not how Chronicles of Wikiland ends, there has to be more for the viewer…

…“What’s that, you want to hear more? Wiki, leak it now!” said the founder. – Photo by Reuters

Van Buuren kicks it in full gear, Laura V. is drowning in love…and it feels really soothing to the ears. It’s like ear candy that rushes eventually to the head. OMG! Another genie. And away you go…

…“This is what I ask for in my prayers,” said a man feeling abandoned. – Photo by AP

“I hold on, hold on to this feeling, I just can't let it go, though I know that it's wrong,” pumping through my headphones - right after a colleague barges in my room and disturbs the whole tempo. Thankfully he’s gone, and I’m back on track which leads me to the next act and scene…

…“I AM the social network! I have every right to ask you what the ______ are you doing on facebook?” said Jesse Eisenberg (HAH!). – Photo by Reuters

Tiesto is now advising me that if I close my eyes I’ll see a beautiful world. I trust you Mr DJ. So I close my eyes, everything else she did flashes by me which of course deserves a mention but it’s too haphazard and I can’t seem to organize the order of things…

…And just like that, she was gone! – Photo/Illustration by author

Hasaan Haider is a Multimedia Content Producer at



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