ISLAMABAD, April 12: A woman was injured on Tuesday as her car collided with a vehicle driven by a ‘drunk’ United Nations official, police said.

Robina Izharul Haq was injured when Patrick Kubtia crashed his car into her vehicle in sector F-6/1. Robina Haq was shifted to hospital with a fractured arm and bruises.

Kohsar police impounded the vehicle of the official, who introduced himself as a senior official of UN’s Observer Group in India and Pakistan. The police took him to hospital where his medico legal revealed that he was under the influence of alcohol. A case of rash and negligent driving was registered against the official.

After the registration of case, the official was allowed to go but without his vehicle. Police said it was a private car using a UN number plate. The police contacted the UN’s security department to ascertain the status of the official.

Police have also prepared a report about the incident, which will be sent to the UN through the Foreign Office.

Some UN officials came over to the police station to settle the issue but the complainant refused, police said.