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Saving Private Raymond

Published Feb 24, 2011 07:01am


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Supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf take part in a rally against Raymond Davis on Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011. - Photo by AP

Raymond Davis must have spent one hell of a very lonely Valentine’s Day this year, banged up in a Lahore jail with only a foam pad on a cotton mattress for company. Compare his plight to Mumtaz Qadri, who was the lucky recipient of flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards from his throngs of admirers, both male and female; Davis must have felt like the one kid in third grade who doesn’t get a Valentine from anyone because nobody likes him (The Hallmark card signed: “With love from your friends at the US Consulate, Lahore” doesn’t count).

By now, everyone – even the New York Times, that bastion of investigative reporting and journalistic objectivity – has cottoned on to the fact that Raymond Davis is a CIA spy, arrested and jailed after shooting two motorcyclists in Lahore who may or may not have been ISI agents, petty thieves, Pizza Hut deliverymen, or recruiters for the Pakistan Cricket Board. Similarly, Davis may or may not have been a technical officer for the US Consulate in Lahore; a diplomat with the US Embassy; a security contractor; a tour guide for American tourists to Pakistan; or a Hollywood movie star. I can just imagine the conversation going on between Davis’s agent and the studio heads at 20th Century Fox: "No, Matt Damon will NOT play him in the movie version. We're in talks with Mr. Bean instead."

The heavyweights of American foreign policy, namely Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry, have been begging the Pakistani government to recognise that Davis, no matter what avatar he has assumed, has diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Conventions, and that he should be released to US authorities to be tried in America. The Pakistani authorities are enjoying the discomfiture of the US government, as well as the leverage that holding a top CIA spy brings – the slave becomes the master, for once! Some circles in Islamabad are discussing the possibility of holding an auction and selling Davis off to the highest bidder in order to save Pakistan from its current economic crisis. Apparently, certain elderly dictators, autocrats, and monarchs in the Middle East are willing to pay top dollar for the hapless American; they’ll throw in a year’s supply of oil in to sweeten the deal.

(Then there’s the scientific contingent, who feel that Davis should just be cryogenically frozen and kept in a vault in one of our space stations until Luke Skywalker can come and rescue him.)

As an expert in foreign policy and international relations*, I feel that the US and Pakistan should both approach the situation with caution and pragmatism. The United States should consider the fact that it might be more politically expedient to sacrifice one really crappy spy for the sake of US-Pakistan relations. After all, they were flexible enough and allowed the US Consulate in Karachi to move its' premises from opposite Frere Hall to the Mai Kolachi Road, freeing up the five star hotels and private clubs to be enjoyed by Karachi’s elites. So why not show a little more flexibility and let Davis meet his fate at the hands of Pakistan’s excellent court system? The best-case scenario is that the court will try Davis, find him guilty, and have him declared persona non grata. Then the Foreign Office will expel him, and send him back to live out the rest of his life in rural West Virginia, which some Americans believe is a fate worse than being lynched by a mob of baying extremists.

Pakistan, too, should show some intelligence in dealing with this problem. After all, we are a signatory to the Vienna Convention, and let us not forget that embarrassing little incident when a Pakistan “diplomat” to Nepal was found to be hiding several hundred pounds of explosives in his home, for recreational purposes only. Furious orange-robed Buddhist monks didn’t hold rallies on the streets of Kathmandu, demanding that he be hanged from the nearest mountaintop. Nepalese pundits didn’t go on cable television networks, ranting about Pakistani-Nepalese relations being irrevocably damaged by the incident. The Nepalese government quietly asked Pakistan to waive his immunity, and when Pakistan refused – a sensible decision, like all those taken by the government – they expelled the man, who is now enjoying his time as the Pakistani ambassador to Libya.

There’s the interesting question of whether or not spies enjoy diplomatic immunity, and the short but unsatisfactory answer is that yes, they do. The sad reality of today’s geopolitics means that all countries, whether friends or foes, are overrun with spies who go around gathering information, liaising with questionable anti-government elements, and furthering the interests of their own countries with secrecy and style and a diplomatic passport (more than one, sometimes). And then there are spies like the ham-handed Raymond Davis, who make a complete mess of their assignments, and end up languishing in jails, their fates in utter limbo. Because, frankly, nobody really knows what to do about any of the bigger mess, the one that involves Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Taliban, and so they all focus on one Raymond Davis, a man who never thought he’d be the flash-point of a critical juncture between the world’s sole superpower and its schizophrenic buddy state; nor less the punchline of a thousand bad jokes about James Bond and Jason Bourne.

But in the absence of any intelligent solution to this diplomatic imbroglio, I propose one that makes the most sense to me: Forget hanging Davis, they should just make him eat Pakistani jail food for a week. If he survives that, they should let him go.

*Bina Shah is the author of Slum Child, and has no expertise in politics or foreign policy whatsoever.

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Angry vet Feb 24, 2011 12:23pm
you are seriously in the realm of delusion if you think holding a top us operative is good for your health. In all reality no matter what you do now I predict many many Pakistanis will die for this. You don't mess with SF and the Geneva convention....
Raza Khan Feb 24, 2011 12:49pm
A very well documented story. Surely the realistic approach could be the only way out of this messy situation. US must have realized to resort for the damage control, rather than being an aggressor; at least for this issue. However, Pakistan should also play smart and cash this golden opportunity to redefine the role and involvement of US spies in Pakistan. For once the sacrificed widow of the deceased might take a half sigh of relief in her grave, as the patriot Pakistani.
malik Feb 24, 2011 01:00pm
@vet. Really? And what have the SF achieved in Afganistan in last ten years? You guys need to stop fighting wars for nothing. Enuff wars. Stop these wars and go home.
Lalaland784 Feb 24, 2011 01:00pm
@ Angry vet: Its the Vienna Convention, not the Geneva Convention. Please get your facts straight before you go make empty threats.
Mohsin Feb 24, 2011 01:10pm
Excellent portrayal of the situation that has again showed a highly emotional and quixotic stance of our country... “Some circles in Islamabad are discussing the possibility of holding an auction and selling Davis off to the highest bidder in order to save Pakistan from its current economic crisis” excellent pojokes and remarkable innuendos aside I think Bina Shah's suggestion of a calm resolution and taking diplomatic advantage of the situation should be considered by Pakistani govternment....
Fuad Ahmad -Calgary Feb 24, 2011 01:11pm
We should provide him the same respect which they gave to Afia Siddiqui, ask him to wear orange overalls,one plate of yellow dal with half chappati be part of his meal ,because he has put on lot of weight. LAny more suggestions from the readers to enhance his job description would be appreciated.
MS AbdulRahman Feb 24, 2011 01:20pm
Everybody does not love Raymond...If the mob had lynched him on the spot there would not have been much hue and cry now on the matter. US drones and jets are already killing Pakistanis and Afghanis now so what if a few more or killed as the Angry Vet warns. These people are not afraid to die like you guys 'wet' or 'smear' your pants by the mere thought of coming face to face with them . That is why you keep on inventing machines so that an individual does not have to enter a battlefield. Wars fought with computers and robots eh !!
Naushad Feb 24, 2011 02:05pm
I blame NFP for popularizing political satire in Pakistan. Now every Tom, Dick and Sally wants to be a political satirist. :P Bina and co. kindly leave political satire and wit to NFP. You stick to fiction. Please.
Ibrahim Shakeel Feb 24, 2011 02:41pm
Well written. And LOL @ the asterisk ref. joke! Was grinning even before I'd scrolled down to see it :D
Ib Feb 24, 2011 03:12pm
i totally agree !
KH Feb 24, 2011 03:22pm
What wrong with ABC to do political satire, its a form of experssion. Probably has more impact and gets people talking. Although I don't completly agree with what is written, its still a good piece
Razaullah Nasir Feb 24, 2011 03:44pm
Yes Pakistan should release Mr. Davis Only after making it crystal clear that Govt. of Pakistan be known about such activities and in future we should show some spine. Looks like @ this point we as a nation can be twisted any which way desired by others.
Umer Feb 24, 2011 03:51pm
Good humour, nicely written. Although difference b/w our guy in Nepal and raymond is that our guy didn't use his explosives to kill innocent civilians..
Kamil Rextin Feb 24, 2011 04:40pm
Well written. We do take ourselves too seriously. Bravo on a marvellous piece Bina :)
Amit Feb 24, 2011 04:42pm
I'm sure that he didn't store those explosives just to show it to his neighbours !
AH Feb 24, 2011 04:47pm
Title of the story is the only remarkable thing i notice. People every where feel free to quote Vienna Convention these days and i believe it is the same move as every body was talking about 'Constitution of Pakistan 1971' during Musharraf government. Bina & company, please spare some time to do your home work, go though Vienna Convention word by word and then announce immunity to a daylight street murderer, who shot four bullets in the bodies of each dead and claiming it as an act of self defense now. Vienna convention does not allow even the president of US (current super power with expertise in messing up with prevailing international laws in her own interest) to draw a gun in a host country, bluntly start shooting civilians (and making sure they are dead) on the street in broad day light for no logically acceptable reason and then claim immunity.
aunty Feb 24, 2011 04:49pm
this is so funny, may you write many more. we need to laugh -bad.
abbas kd Feb 24, 2011 06:18pm
Hey Angry Vet ... how about "waterboarding" this Davis dude couple of times a day for the next seven years before he is even brought to any court, instead of just feeding him in the Pakistani prison ... I am sure he would eventually tell the whole truth what he was doing in Pakistan & who he really is .. after all, he has killed two Pakistanis, as per the law of that land, he should be stoned to death or at least public hanging would do the justice to the grieving families of his victims.
Agha Ata Feb 24, 2011 06:42pm
No, no, no, no ....making him eat Pakistani food for one week would be the worst punishment.
John Feb 24, 2011 06:51pm
Dear pakistani brothers and sisters, before making fun of USA, you must remember that you country still survives with their aid. When your country was flooded, even the muslim countries hesistated to fund your corrupt government. The money you received was from the west. so before mocking others, learn to stand on your own legs and please stop begging to usa and japan for money. Begging has almost become a part time job for pakistan.
G.A. Feb 24, 2011 07:14pm
Make him watch Lollywood movies. I cannot think of a punishment more severe.
saad khan Feb 24, 2011 07:54pm
Aritra gupta Feb 24, 2011 08:12pm
That's a nice hollywoodian reply.....
Athui Zeliang Feb 24, 2011 08:43pm
Binah Shah has said it well. Davis' story can't simply strain this long relationship between US and Pak. The later should let him go and be tried in his own country.This is goodwill, this is real politics. Sad thing is, our Islam brothers cannot rely on US as their trustworthy ally despite the huge financial , military and food assistance they've received so far.Mutual Understanding is the best politics
Naveed Feb 24, 2011 09:04pm
:) This does look like material for a future Hollywood movie--loved the bit about Mr. Bean. And Mr. Angry Vet, you look like a character out of "Avatar."
Canuck Feb 24, 2011 09:11pm
Oh look an angry American!
Asher John Feb 24, 2011 09:37pm
I think this is the best piece I have read in the context of Davis case. I love the deep satire and a sharp analysis of the situation. Excellent work Bina.
Sohaib Feb 24, 2011 10:15pm
Pity and petty how we have found it a point to just write and joke about. I am impressed with the number of angles Bina has taken to play a pun over several cracks in our system and loopholes in our facilities. I am asking what does a reader take with him from this article? It's nothing but a plain attempt to ridicule just because one can. Dawn can do better.
chints Feb 24, 2011 10:24pm
becuase they have brain
Amit Feb 24, 2011 10:47pm
May be Pakistan can swap Davis for Dr. Aaifa.
Sarah Feb 24, 2011 11:51pm
It may not be very witty, but at least its not against Pakistanis or Muslims, the only type of writing NFP knows.
aneel Feb 24, 2011 11:55pm
i think this article is very very witty.I am sure NFP will enjoy it too,get a life my friend
aneel Feb 25, 2011 12:04am
if the mob had lynched him...Pakistan wud have been blown out of this world..."Hell hath seen NO fury like the US scorned""think Saddam Hussain
Taimoor Feb 25, 2011 12:15am
Cool it Vet, we're doing you a favor by offing this guy who was dumb enough to get caught in the middle of the city. He probably jeopardized his whole mission while he pulled of this stunt. Pakistan has one of the best if not the best intelligence agencies on the planet so they probably knew what he was up to. As far as messing with SFs hopefully they send a better a team to rescue then the one that tried to rescue that british reporter. US military is over-rated get over it.
Taimoor Feb 25, 2011 12:19am
I still can't believe how people enjoy NFP's writing
adnan khan Feb 25, 2011 12:20am
seriously aunty! do we really need to laugh that bad? that we can sacrifice a few of our citizens in the process!
Bina Lover Feb 25, 2011 12:55am
It is nice to see a good description of all scenario summerised in Bina's article. She has written well ,but in the end has not justified that whether he should severely be punished or not. When it comes to Mumtaz Qadri, Bina like writers write openly that such fanatics should be hanged to death. That time where goes their neutrality of writing! The fact is that no writer dares to write against those that may contain ewven a whiff of anti-Americanism. There is much need to see all such incidents with the same eye.
Padam Singh Feb 25, 2011 01:05am
Absolutely right. Had the shoe been on the other foot, the Pakistani diplomat would have been incaserated and it would have been a long time before his council would have been allowed to meet him. Remember, being American means not being able to say "Sorry".
ohe55 Feb 25, 2011 01:28am
bring it on.... we want to do dis......
Prof. Zubairi Feb 25, 2011 02:14am
Bina Beti: The shortest distance between two points (truth) is the straight line, not a spin.
mohni Feb 25, 2011 02:18am
Vienna Convention only comes into play if Mr Davus holds Diplomatic or Staff visa. As per the visa image shown by the Dawn he possesed official business visa and that too expired. so he was staus less at that time. In that case he does not enjoy diplomatic immunity. Type of passport does not determine your diplomatic status it is the type of visa issued by the host state which matters.
Sandeep Feb 25, 2011 02:54am
Diplomatic immunity cannot be held in the wake of murder. The objective of diplomatic immunity was to protect diplomats in the wake of war. It is important that Raymond Davis gets a fair and fast trial and the government of Pakistan lays before public facts of the case and not let the rumor mill go on an over-drive. If it was indeed self-defense then Raymond Davis should be set free, however if the killing was deliberate then let the law take its own course. The US does need to respect laws of the land where its citizen operate. The stance that "we don't care a damn about your law" does not go well. US also needs to explain why does traveling politicians or government officials (both civil or military) on official duty get different treatment at US airports by TSA. The case of Indian Diplomat and Senior Pakistani Army officers mis-treatment at the hand of TSA is worth noting.
jhamaka Feb 25, 2011 03:00am
I think people have a short memory.They very quickly forgot that Dr Aafia Siddiqui was punished severely for a crime she did not do. Now we have some one who did commit a crime in broad daylight and his masters are busy trying to whisk him away from the homeland of Dr Afia Siddiqui,,,,, isn't it?
navid Feb 25, 2011 03:18am
trade off Raymond Davis for Aafia Siddique. problem solved
zahid Feb 25, 2011 04:01am
we need to laugh but not when the issue is death of four innocent people.
MJ Feb 25, 2011 04:23am
Yes, Ray did shoot and shoot, to kill and kill. Even after the second guy was running away from him, injured by his bullet/s. Bina, why not give a thought to when Munir Akram was put behind bars because his girl friend wanted him there for a bit of male chauvinism?
pakistani Feb 25, 2011 05:42am
I find it extremely RIDICULOUS of you comparing our diplomat in nepal to raymond davis, a terrorist who killed three innocent people. think before you write.
RK Feb 25, 2011 06:17am
What favour to mankind ! Maybe he did not get a chance or may be they were leftover.
Bhujang Patil Feb 25, 2011 06:27am
So, err... hmmm...talking about changing the roles, how much aid is Pakistan going to provide to US this year again?
RK Feb 25, 2011 06:30am
Raymond Davis is only an accused so far buddy. Feel free to call him a "Daylight street murderer" or whatever once his guilt is proven in any court of the law.Before advising others to read Vienna convention better you read it. Your federal Govt has categorically stated that Davis carries a diplomatic passport and that is end of the story. Can anyone of those who are baying for Davis's blood tell how the two men, one of them armed, are different from tens of hundreds killed in sectarian violence in Pakistan ?
Tariq K Sami Feb 25, 2011 08:07am
I find your remarks disappointing.
Tariq K Sami Feb 25, 2011 08:10am
Good job Bena. Nice Satire.
umar Feb 25, 2011 08:21am
Naushad you should start writing satire yourself. You are funny enough. NFP's recipie = Zardari is the best,if you do not like him he will hate you and still pretend he is funny.
T Feb 25, 2011 08:42am
Nice Satire.... I like it
Siraj Khan Feb 25, 2011 09:16am
After a few more days in the Pakistan jail, RD may even seek Pakistani citizenship and a legal name - I would suggest Rayhan Dawood. Who knows he may hire a ghost writer to write a book titled Chai ke teen cup! And if he really puts on the creative cap (Like Bahadur Shah Zafar did in the Rangoon jail), RD may pen something in the realm of Aise manoos sayyad se ho gaye Ab rehai mile gi to mar jayenge Now please don't tell me that I am a political satirist too!
Bilal Hashmi Feb 25, 2011 09:41am
lol... lighthearted and funny
MS Feb 25, 2011 10:14am
Well, that's one zinger. Let's see what have YOU achieved? Stability? Basic rights (speech, food, water..)? Get real. There's a LOT of blame to go around but unless you look inwards, you will not find a (the) solution. Go figure - but I doubt you will....
AHK Feb 25, 2011 10:29am
You write: "The United States should consider the fact that it might be more politically expedient to sacrifice one really crappy spy for the sake of US-Pakistan relations." Well, this issue is not so much about Raymond Davis as about setting a precedent where a US citizen on official duty is tried for crimes in another country. The US must have such people posted all over the world & they wouldn't want Raymond's case to act as a precedent for similar cases in the future. And secondly, Pakistan is a signatory to the Vienna convention but the entire fight is about whether Raymond Davis enjoys immunity or not. I am pretty sure that he does not & the US case is weak otherwise there is no way in hell that our government would have been able to hold him for so long. The govt. will let him go in the end but not because he enjoyed diplomatic immunity when he carried out the murders but because he is an American.
Irfan Husain Feb 25, 2011 10:50am
One of the funniest articles I have read in a long time.
kkrishna Feb 25, 2011 11:22am
Pakistan should not release Davies. A trail should be conducted and if death sentence is handed out, he should be handed over to the US authorities to be hanged in the US. In all probability the US might release him in US. But that is their look out.
Ursilla Feb 25, 2011 11:40am
I think what Mr./Ms. Naushad is suggesting is that there are very few political wits and satirists in Pak and that NFP is one of the finest. I personally believe the only other writers who also write satire who come close to NFP are Sami Shah and Fasi Zaka. Secondly, Bina is not a staririst by nature and that's why this article is not very convincing.
tariq Feb 25, 2011 12:08pm
i m really surprised to read that people in pakistan consider it a golden oportunity that should be availed,,pity on their thoughts.!.we as pakistanis are already doing it for the last so many the time has come to recognise who is our friend or foe?economy is not the only thing which keeps you alive.first you have to live your own life otherwise these so called friends will take away all of your pride at the cost of few dollars..we should not become beggers, for them cash is the only thing!for god sake try to understand that we are also a nation with few principles,,which dont accept money for their dead ones,even if family members of deceased people accept the death compansation,but as a nation we must try raymond for those crimes which may have caused hundreds of innocent death acroos the pakistan...and mind you mr writer of the article ,raymond was an adict of niswar ,how can he die after eating jail's meal.probabily you dont know what is niswar!
HZ Feb 25, 2011 12:28pm
To everybody from AngryVet to AH: This article is a joke. It's meant to be funny so we all don't squeeze ourselves to death. Read it again and try to smile. Yes, Bina Shah knows nothing about Vienna or Geneva Conventions. Neither do I. She says that in a footnote marked by an asterisk.
HZ Feb 25, 2011 12:38pm
Dear AngryVet, Now y'all just hold on a cott'n pickin' minute n' put that them there shotgun back in yo' li'l ol' log cabin. Ain't no other way you know how to settle matters than to blow people's brains out?!
Paus Feb 25, 2011 12:42pm
very well written satire......good effort Bina....waiting for more stuff from ur side.
Saman Feb 25, 2011 12:52pm
At best, it can only be called a piece of satire....!!
Aasim Feb 25, 2011 01:00pm
This has to be one of the worst pieces of literature i have read in a very long time. Like most south asian writers, trying too hard, and achieving little. Terrible waste of space and reading time.
Fauzia Feb 25, 2011 01:22pm
Seriously, three people lost their lives and you write a funny article suggesting bad food x one week is a suitable punishment. Let them eat cake? How horrible. Wake up. All lives are precious even those that ride motorcycles, hail from petty villages and didn't study at Harvard.
Brijesh Feb 25, 2011 02:00pm
Not part time job.. full time job is more like it!
Shafiq Feb 25, 2011 02:43pm
Dear Sir, It is not NFP you object to, it is your image in your mirror which bothers you. NFP is only holding a mirror in front of you. Shafiq
Aamer Feb 25, 2011 02:52pm
For the sake of victim's family, i sincerely hope that Mr. Davis is handed over to the US to be tired by the US DOJ i.e. if the victims' families are to see justice done. Well, there you have it, my confidence in our so called justice system...bite me!
Salman khan Feb 25, 2011 03:08pm
What a pathetic article. I wish the lines at the bottom ie "*Bina Shah is the author of Slum Child, and has no expertise in politics or foreign policy whatsoever." were at the top of the article. I would have stopped reading the article after reading that.
Shahid Feb 25, 2011 03:36pm
the only time you guys seem to become interested in other countries is when an American is involved. Please get off your high horse.
Abrar Feb 25, 2011 04:28pm
In addition, Davis should be punished as US did with Dr. Aafia,it is really the right of the affected families wat they want to be charge against him?
yawar Feb 25, 2011 05:28pm
@Sara Just because NFP is good at showing people like you a mirror makes him anti-pakistan? Shame.
Ahmed Saeed Feb 25, 2011 05:32pm
Dear BS.What a lovely conclusion. simply loved it.
Shafi Feb 25, 2011 05:33pm
'Top US Operative happens to be a 'spy'. 'Many many Pakistanis will die for this' is nothing but a blackmail to get the murderer off the hook. Your rhetoric is out of depth anyway because the immunity is dealt by Vienna convention and not Geneva Convention. Have you read the Vienna convention ? I guess not.
Mahrukh Husain Feb 25, 2011 05:38pm
I agree! A few episodes of diarrhea should be enough punishment for this guy! =P A very well written article! I thoroughly enjoyed it! =)
peter Feb 25, 2011 06:24pm
I am not a fan of political hoopla,but I wished we lived in a world where we did not judge each other based on color of skin,and especially RELIGION. I also wish that people weren.t soooo narrow minded.
Amit Feb 25, 2011 06:38pm
Do you mean the "diplomat" who keeps explosives stored at home just for fun so that later some innocents could be killed ? Also do you mean those "innocents" who had few minutes ago robbed other people of their possessions ?
Shahid Feb 25, 2011 07:00pm
Mr. John, you may be correct in one sense. But it's also true that USA or any NATO country can't even survive without Pakistan. Pakistanis may require your help,but are u not taking their help every moment just to survive in Afghanistan. What Pakistan is facing today , r u not responsible for this mess? It's a long story. You must be grateful to the Pakistanis who sacrificed to initiate dismemberment of ur arch rival USSR. And by the by how u r treating Ms Aafia in USA? With respect? Ney human rights....
Zar Khan Feb 25, 2011 07:02pm
no the fact that NFP has nothing but Pakistan and Islam to blame for all the ills makes him one.
Zar Khan Feb 25, 2011 07:11pm
Sure!-just like the guy who claimed his innocence while in Pakistani Jail only to revert and take credit for blasts when he was back in India. Touché
Zar Khan Feb 25, 2011 07:13pm
Why? Do you want some as well! We can send it across if you want!
Zar Khan Feb 25, 2011 07:16pm
You seem to sound like an eye witness. Didn't know we have an Indian Counsulate in Lahore as well. If that's the case I'd say the problem is much bigger and beond Raymond Davis.
Ayesha Nasir Feb 25, 2011 07:58pm
"Davis must have felt like the one kid in third grade who doesn’t get a Valentine from anyone because nobody likes him (The Hallmark card signed: “With love from your friends at the US Consulate, Lahore” doesn’t count)." Good heavens, for a minute there I actually felt sorry for him.
Tariq Feb 25, 2011 08:01pm
I agree. NFP has an issue at most things Pakistani. His satires are more anti than in favour of Pakistan (i).
Zeeshan Feb 25, 2011 08:25pm
Hi First thing we should not swap the davis with Dr. Afia because Dr. is innocent, she did nothing , Davis killed 3 pakistani . the case is straight is hang him till death . we do not suppose to see anything else . Thanks
Vaqar Ahmed Feb 25, 2011 08:51pm
Great article Bina! Brought many a chuckle. If I had my way I would appoint you the interior minister in place of that surly Mr. Rehman!!
LoL Feb 25, 2011 09:37pm
I cannot agree more! Was laughing all the way while reading this
Bina Shah Feb 25, 2011 09:52pm
No! Please! Anything but that!
Mughni Feb 25, 2011 10:38pm
Oh JACK RUBY, where are you. We need you to end this Drama so poor Raymond can go home.
hamid Feb 25, 2011 10:45pm
Satire? Okay.
Mughni Feb 25, 2011 10:48pm
I am not sure how many of you remember JACK RUBY. He is the one who came across Harvey Oswald (who supposedly shot Kennedy)and send him to his creator. I know there are many who can imitate his action and help Pakistan.
Sherry Feb 25, 2011 11:46pm
Bina read something of yours for the first time, nice. Putting aside the seriousness of the matter I laughed my socks of reading your article while shirking in the office.
Sean Feb 26, 2011 12:36am
I think Pakistan should start asking itself this; have the allegations been a fair and unbalanced against Davis? Have politicians played the public fervor in the Davis case for their own agenda? Does Pakistan really want to lose seven and a half billion dollars in aid? Does Pakistan think that the United States cannot operate in Afghanistan without the assistance of Pakistan? Who has Pakistan called on for assistance every time the earth under your country tries to swallow you up? Who have you called on when there are floods in Northern Pakistan? Pakistan obviously you need us more than we need you. Think about what you are gaining and what you will lose if relations with the United States turn sour.
Ahmad Feb 26, 2011 12:49am
That was nothing but a mean and weak-spirited attack on this author of this article. How about you post something from your collection of works for everyone to read and post critique's of?
urvashi22 Feb 26, 2011 01:07am
Enjoyed the article .. nicely written, good humour, but the message is delivered.
Ahmad Feb 26, 2011 01:20am
@Mughni, Why would you even suggest something like that? Mr. Davis' safety is Pakistan's responsibility while he is in our custody. And I am sick and tired of being a member of the downtrodden lot of people known to the rest of the world as Pakistan. Calling for Jack Ruby style murder of a suspect is very immature and would go against everything we hold dear. -Ahmad What needs to be done is to: 1) Ascertain Mr. Davis' status. Diplomat or not. Immunity or no immunity. 2) Examine all of the evidence from the day of the fateful shooting. 3) Awarding Mr. Davis a punishment commensurate with his crime ONLY IF he is proven to be guilty. 4) Getting independent guarantees from the US Govt that Mr. Davis will serve out his punishment in the US and won't be let go off/made into a hero like Libya's al-Meghari. 5) Examining and redefining the role of US Spec Ops/CIA agents in Pakistan and reprimanding those who go against the interests of Pakistan. 6) Expelling all the foreign staff from the US and ELSEWHERE -- diplomatic, consular, advisers, or whatever -- who don't respect the local laws from the country. 7) ??? 8) Profit.
Molvi_whisky Feb 26, 2011 01:23am
Bina Shah would rather see a revolution in Pakistan than hv a professional assassin cum spy who had contacts with terror organizations tried.
Molvi_Whisky Feb 26, 2011 01:29am
Amit, you apparently are overlooking the fact, it's India which has beef with everyone of it's neighbour, not Pakistan which enjoys excellent relations. The Pk diplomat was released because the Nepalese government found the explosives were actually planted by RAW agents. Tell me one good reason for Pk government doing subversions in a friendly state with which it doens't even share a common border ??
Sandeep Feb 26, 2011 01:31am
I would argue that law is law and things shouldn't be judged by the extent of damage. If it is un-lawful in Nepal to store ammunition then it is un-lawful and the fact that nobody was hurt is not a sound argument.
Molvi_Whisky Feb 26, 2011 01:33am
Call it anything, but analysis LOL
FARRUKH KAMRAN Feb 26, 2011 01:34am
.... and I wish people Shud not ask for IMMUNITY after killing innocent ppL...... And I wish America shud realize that 1st of all Davis was not a Diplomat ( ok suppose he was Diplomat But actually he is not ) ...... BUT now he is a MURDERER .....Murderer Consultant or Murderer Diplomat ....
Molvi_Whisky Feb 26, 2011 01:37am
A simple check with the Geneva Convention, and you'd see grave crimes such as murder, association with terrorism does not give you any waiver.
Molvi_Whisky Feb 26, 2011 01:39am
It's almost akin as to saying "We release your spy and you make sure you don't do the folly of getting caught again"
waterman Feb 26, 2011 01:55am
pakistan water is enough punishment for anyone from america
RC Feb 26, 2011 02:23am
Which guy is claiming carrying out blasts in Pakistan ?
Ammar Feb 26, 2011 03:01am
I think making him eat Jail food and then freezing him for Luke sky walker would be Pakistan's best bet in this scenario.Especially I think Shan should later play him in the movie.
MidWestern Feb 26, 2011 03:36am
I think she is witty. It does feel callous in the backdrop of four lost lives though.
Pamela Feb 26, 2011 04:04am
So not funny!What's to laugh about?What if it were your brother,father,or other loved one?Wouldn't be so funny then!
Eldos John Feb 26, 2011 06:31am
Kyon Bhai Zar, Sach Kadwa lag gaya
MJ Feb 26, 2011 08:20am
Is that the worth of a three Pakistani's lives in your opinion? You think being killed under a consulate car is satire?
father lobo Feb 26, 2011 01:19pm
dear john,sure Pakistan is thankful for the aid and help from the USA in fact very thankful but now lets look at it this way: the USA is an unwanted guest in Pakistan and had been killing a lot of innocent ppl in the country thanks to the drones. the USA help can also be looked at as a bribe for all the mischif it has been doing in the country. Had USA not helped pakistan in the time of need it would have looked pretty awful. the help pakistan got was just eye-candy. but thanks anyway.
Hamza Feb 26, 2011 06:07pm
Mr.John we have wasted trillions of dollar on the War of Terror. We may take money from you but first give us back our trillions of dollars. Without us your nothing !
Abdul Latif Rajput Feb 26, 2011 08:50pm
I think pakistan is in a very good position to make them understand its value. The government has a great chance to earn a good reputation as they have lost it during this reign and wiki leaks has added petrol as disclosed their permission for the drone attacks.
AQ Feb 26, 2011 11:15pm
Good article. Love your sense of humor!!!
Aleena Feb 27, 2011 02:00am
apart from joke i seriously think he should be shifted to notorious Adiala jail Rawalpindi; and should be treated by Punjab Police and like ordinary accused of murderer just for one week. i believe it would be more than enough for him
3uphoric Feb 27, 2011 11:40am
Davis is a criminal. Afia, we are not even sure about her. P.S she is an American citizen, not Paki Leave her alone!
safdar Feb 27, 2011 12:35pm
Rightly Said. It is not a funny matter. He should be punished and taught a lesson for others who are thinking on the same line.
Ahmed Feb 27, 2011 01:23pm
cheeky but not funny.
Abdul-Mughis Feb 27, 2011 11:58pm
We must try to feel the pain of the deceased's families, don't be so careless. The case is in Court, no further comment!
Irfan Feb 28, 2011 01:00am
OUR spacestations?? OUR? The Americans did us a favour by moving to Mai Kolachi?? The choicest spot of the city, the port a stone's throw, finger on the city's artery to the water! A flexible concession??
Vidyut Feb 28, 2011 02:35am
This has to be the most sensible article on Davis, the larger picture and what to do.
zm Feb 28, 2011 05:24am
there is a bloody big difference between hiding explosives and killing two men in broad daylight-.Forced humour is not funny.
Abdul-Mughis Rana Feb 28, 2011 11:15pm
Relations of a country with another country are based on mutual understanding and appreciation of each other's interests. Pakistan on one side faired well and America reciprocated to quite an extent. Though this sure is a rough patch but I am sure people of America would appreciate justice.
oz-born Mar 04, 2011 04:26am
it was a pleasure reading your article. it was entertaining specially the bit where Luke Skywalker saves Raymond.