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“Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) in the morning today conducted an operation against terrorists and criminal elements in Kunwari Colony and detained several people and seized arms from their possession,” said a brief statement of the Rangers. – Online Photo / File Photo

KARACHI: Dozens of paramilitary troops cordoned off some poor neighbourhoods of Manghopir on Tuesday and reportedly picked up hundreds of suspects during a search operation of houses that lasted for more than six hours, officials and sources said.

Though senior officials remained tightlipped on the issue — and a spokesman for the Pakistan Rangers gave scant details about what was tersely described as the outcome of the “operation against terrorists and criminal elements” — sources privy to the process said that the forces detained at least three men said to be associated with banned militant outfits.

“Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) in the morning today conducted an operation against terrorists and criminal elements in Kunwari Colony and detained several people and seized arms from their possession,” said a brief statement of the Rangers.

The statement, however, shed no light on the number of suspects detained, the nature and quantity of the arms seized and, most importantly, the reason behind it as well as the achievement of the paramilitary forces in the early morning operation that lasted for more than six hours, keeping the area residents in the grip of fear.

Similarly, the police authorities were also unaware of the precise plan of the paramilitary troops and then the result by the end of the day. They claimed they only assisted the Rangers personnel in their self-designed operation.

“We only coordinated and assisted the Rangers force,” said DIG-West Sultan Khawaja while refusing to share any details of the operation. He said the police of the area under his jurisdiction stayed with the Rangers officials, but were not aware of the number of suspects picked up by the paramilitary troops.

Dozens of vehicle carrying Rangers troops cordoned off Kunwari Colony and a few other neighbourhoods in the Maghopir area and stayed there for more than six hours. The troops also conducted a house search and detained a number of residents on suspicion, restraining people from entering and leaving the particular areas till they ended the exercise in the second half of the day.

Though the source said the people detained by the Rangers were in their hundreds, they believed at least three key suspects were among those arrested during the operation from a house in the locality.

“They have been referred to as members of some banned militant outfits, but it’s not yet clear as to which group they actually belong to,” said the source. “Arms have also been recovered on their lead, but again their nature and number are not yet known.”

The source said the key suspects arrested were not from Karachi and had settled in the area for a few months but their militant history had not been shared with anyone by the security officials.

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Ashraf Mirza (USA) Dec 08, 2010 04:53am
Terrorist are criminals, no matter what religion they belong to. In my opinion Pakistan Govenment did the right thing, to put Rangers on street of Karachi and made arrest of Terrorist Crimanals. Rangers should continue until they get hold to all Terrorist and Criminals.... So the residence of Karachi feel safe and secure. And we can come to see our family members and enjoy our stay in Karachi....Thanks Rangers, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. After all ISLAM is PEACE AND LOVE. Sincerely , ashraf Mirza (USA)
Ali Hussain Quettawa Dec 08, 2010 10:49am
I strongly believe that the decision to delegate powers to rangers to restore peace in the city. And I wish these arrests should lay results and all the criminal elements should be eliminated and eradicated. Why the innocent karachities have to bear terrorism, sectarian killing, street crime and the list goes on? Let them be proud of their city.
mohammad Khan Dec 08, 2010 06:49pm
The decision to delegate powers to rangers is wrong. they should be patrolling the boarders not the the city. The crime rate never came down as a matter of fact gone up. they are just a financial burdon. The police force should be their job to cut down the crimes in the city.
AM Dec 08, 2010 08:51pm
How wonderful! We lead the masses that are poor even lower into hopelessness through the governing policies of our "democratic" government and then we arrest them. Honestly, there will not be enough jails to house all those we arrest and a cheaper solution instead of building more jails is to build a 16 foot wall around the entire nation OR realize what policies need changing; how governance needs to happen and follow common sence policies. This has been done before and is not rocket science and can be done again. It requires sacrifices from ALL! Please realize this terrorism and fanaticism is created by us because of how we do not want to share in our ill-gotten wealth with others and our desire to keep masses forever poor and miserable so that we can control them. Please give them hope and then see how the behavior changes but that means giving some things and that is entirely counter-culture to the "rich" and the governing class of Pakistan. Easiest to blame US and "the West". I feel pity for the masses. However under no circumstances do I feel it is justifiable to kill innocent and blow up country's infrastructure. No religion teaches us that. But Islam certainly teaches us to share and I am interested in hearing how well we do that. It is a sad nation getting worse by the minute!
Ashraf Mirza (USA) Dec 08, 2010 09:46pm
Brother Ali Hussain Quettawala: Great article, I agree with you. It's going on for years People is karachi going thru fear of life. And every day all they hear is killing of innocent citizens, I think Rangers can cleanup the Karachi city , and people enjoy living in Karachi city. It may take some time ..People of Karachi must join hand to hand with Rangers and support them. LETS HOPE FOR THE BEST. Sincerely , Ashraf Mirza (USA)