Musharraf`s earnings from lectures

September 09, 2010


THIS is with reference to the letter on Musharraf's farmhouse (Sept 9). Just for the information of the writer, I would like to add that he has been hired by one of the most renowned literary society of the US for delivering lectures on the world's affairs.

There are some very prominent names on the panel of that society like Clinton, former president of the US, and Dr Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia.

Clinton being the most expensive lecturer of that society charges $250,000 per lecture. Musharraf has been second highest lecturer now with $200,000 per lecture. Musharraf has been busy delivering lectures during the past one and a half years across the world.

He is booked for another six months as far as I know.

We can imagine how much he is earning from one lecture. It is unfortunate that we Pakistanis do not recognise his worth but the world does.

That is why they are paying him so heavily.

He in his last speech to the nation finished with a remark, “Pakistan ka Khuda he Hafiz”. Time has proved it.