Ashfaq Ahmed remembered

16 Sep 2009


WRITER Ashfaq Ahmed, whose fifth death anniversary fell on Sept 7, was a caring and loving soul for his friends and foes alike. Born on Aug 22, 1925 at Ferozpur (India), he died on Sept 7, 2004 in Lahore.

After migration to Pakistan, he started his career as a clerk, but through his hard work, dedication and commitment rose to be a thinker, philosopher and spiritual celebrity.

He possessed a unique style, temperament and diction in his speech and actions. He made life more beautiful, attractive and rewarding.

He had a vision of peaceful society that's why he globalised his message of character- building and sacrifice through his intellectual talks.

His intellectual talks have greatly contributed to improve social behaviour and strengthen the national character. People owned him and his writings and thoughts.

Ashfaq Ahmed was a source of inspiration for the young. His radio character 'Talqeen Shah' was a dominating character.

Only two characters on radio were applauded a lot during that period one was 'Talqeen Shah' and the other was 'Nizam Deen'.

His TV programme 'Zavia' will also be remembered forever.

He gave a lot to the nation and obviously to Urdu literature.

There is no doubt that we still have some very good writers of Urdu literature but we don't have 'Ashfaq Ahmed' as he was one and only of his diction and style.

He wrote bestsellers like Gadria, Aik Mohabat So Afsanay, Tota Kahani, Band Gali and his dramas such as Mun Chaley Ka Sauda, Nangay Paun, Baba Sahib and Khel Tamashay.

He remained editor of weekly Leil-o-Nihar and monthly Dastan Go.

He was proficient in Punjabi, Urdu, English, Italian and French languages and was a widely travelled person.