PESHAWAR, May 4: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (Rawa) has asked the Pakistan government to implement the Supreme Court’s verdict in the assassination case of Rawa’s founding leader, Meena Kishwar Kamal, killed in Quetta in February 1987.

Marina, spokesperson for Rawa, said the Supreme Court had upheld the lower court’s decision against the killers, Ahmed Sultan and Mohammad Humayun, and had announced its verdict on March 2, 2001, but the killers had not been hanged yet.

She claimed that the convicts detained in the Quetta prison were using influence of the Afghanistan’s interim administration to secure their release.

She alleged that the convicts had been the agents of the former Afghan intelligence outfit, Khad, and that they had close contacts with some of Karzai’s cabinet members.

The spokesperson remarked that some Afghan ministers were trying to secure the release of Meena’s killers. She appealed to President Gen Pervez Musharraf to ensure that the court decision was implemented.