MULTAN, Feb 15: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said here on Sunday that the Samjhota Express incident and Mumbai attacks were interconnected and the investigation process could only proceed if India responds to questions asked by Pakistan.

Talking to journalists at the Multan Airport, he said if India wanted to punish the culprits of the Mumbai attack it should reply to the 30 questions raised by Pakistan because answers to these questions were necessary for completion of investigation.

He said Pakistan had shared the report of the Mumbai attack probe with G-8 and other countries. The report, he said, had been appreciated not only by India but by the entire world.

In reply to a question about drone attacks in tribal areas, Mr Qureshi rejected reports that such attacks were launched from Pakistan.

“We have clearly told the US Special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan that drone attacks are proving to be harmful, instead of helpful, in the war on terror.

“We are against drone attacks and there is no understanding between Pakistan and the US over this issue. Neither the government has allowed such attacks now nor it will allow them in future,” Qureshi said.

He said the US was going to change its policy towards Pakistan in the war on terror and the new policy would be presented to Nato on April 2 after consultations with Pakistan.