PESHAWAR, Dec 13: Militants attacked a cargo terminal located near Shaheedabad and destroyed 11 trucks in the small hours of Saturday in the fifth attack on Nato supplies.

Police were unaware how the militants had managed to enter the Bilal Terminal, at Pandu Chowk on the main Ring Road, and where the four security guards had gone after the arson attack at 2am.

The official said panic had gripped the local populace because of the recurring attacks.

A fire brigade official said six fire tenders had taken part in extinguishing the fire. He said usually two fire tenders would have been sufficient to handle such fires, but the situation was complicated by the use of chemical accelerants by militants.

The Superintendent of Police, City Circle, Chaudhry Mohammad, said that they did not know how many militants were involved in the attack, adding that security had been beefed up after the incident.

Containers set on fire on Thursday evening at Port World Logistics were still emitting smoke at the time of the filing of this report. Nato authorities did not allow the fire brigade to handle the cargo containers to douse the blaze.

During a visit to various terminals located on the Ring Road, it was learnt that several security guards had abandoned their duty because they were not ready to lay down their lives for a measly salary of Rs4,000 per month.