Mother of seven axed to death by brother

25 Jul 2007


KHAIRPUR, July 24: A woman was axed to death by his brother in Ranipur on Tuesday. Naseem Khatoon, 45, wife of Mohammad Hashim Sheedi, was asleep in her house in Janan Shah Mohalla when her brother Mumtaz Hussain attacked her with an axe which led to her death.

Mumtaz surrendered before the Ranipur police with the axe. He told the police that he had suspicions about the character of his sister who is said to be mother of seven.

The body was handed over to relatives after post-mortem at the Ranipur Rural Health Centre Ranipur.

No case was lodged till the filing of this report.

ROBBER KILLED: A highwayman was killed in police encounter after looting passengers of a Sukkur-bound bus on the National Highway near Hingorja on Monday night, claimed the Ranipur police.

According to the police, six armed robbers intercepted the bus coming from Hyderabad, held its driver, cleaner and passengers hostage and robbed the passengers of cash, gold ornaments, mobile phones and other valuables.

According to the police, while the robbers were leaving the bus, a police patrol van reached there. The police party in the van opened fire at the robbers who returned it. In the encounter, one robber was killed but five others escaped.

The police claimed that one Kalashnikov was recovered from the possession of slain robber whose body was taken to a local Rural Health Centre.

Bus driver Akhtar Hussain Arain lodged an FIR with the Ranipur police under section 395, 324, 353, 148 and 149 of the PPC against unidentified robbers.

According to spokesman for the Khairpur district police, the slain highwayman has been identified as Tariq Lohar, resident of Khanpur, Shikarpur district.