Zoo admin moves after peacock killings

10 Apr 2007


LAHORE, April 9: The killing of 28 peacocks on Sunday made the Lahore Zoo administration to go for quick repair of their cage and the broken wall along Bagh-i-Jinnah.

Two dogs reportedly sneaked through the `holes’ early Sunday and carried out the carnage. No body was ready to answer questions about reasons for the inordinate delay in the repairs that resulted in the loss of precious birds.

The repair work was carried out the same day (on Sunday) in a haphazard manner as the cage fence was yet to be fixed properly.

A wildlife expert on the condition of anonymity termed the killings of so many peacocks the result of easy-going attitude of the zoo administration. He said that instead of blaming the watchman, action should be taken from top to bottom. About the disposal of the dead birds, the expert said their autopsy should have been conducted according to the wildlife practices.

The zoo director on the other hand said since it was an accident, there was no need for postmortem. “The dead peacocks have been thrown out of the zoo,” he said in response to a question regarding their disposal.

CALL FOR PROBE: The wildlife expert called for an inquiry to fix the responsibility. He said besides the guard, the zoo director and the wildlife DG should also be questioned for their negligence.

The expert said that government had been allocating a large amount for the upkeep and expansion of the zoo. He said that the peacocks kept in the open in front of the director’s office should also be caged. —Staff Reporter