KARACHI: Special children entertained

24 Feb 2006


KARACHI, Feb 23: Approximately 300 special children had fun for over four hours at a function organized at a local hotel on Thursday. Children belonging to 13 institutions, including Darul Sakun, Ida Rieu, Darul Khushnood, Hope and Faith, Ma Ayesha, Al-Umeed, Al-Rozan, Madular, Bait-ul-Shafqat, Scinosa, Madawa, Agosh, and Asra participated in the function, organized by Jimmy Engineer.

Children belonging to different institutions sang national as well as folk songs while many participants danced to the tunes of music played. Tableau was also staged by the children.

Speaking on the occasion the social worker urged the parents of the handicapped children not to feel shy, rather they should take their children out to public places, like parks, so that they came into contact with the normal children.

Mr Engineer urged the philanthropists to come forward and do what ever they can for the special children.