Losing planet Earth

Published January 24, 2022

EXPERTS have warned that Karachi could be entirely submerged by 2060 if no concrete steps are taken to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. The serious consequences arising out of the phenomenon are not just limited to our city or even country.

They are evident across the globe in the form of wildfires raging through Australia, a chilly freeze sweeping over parts of the United States that are known for moderate temperatures, and other natural calamities the world over.

While the overarching problem of climate change itself can feel overwhelming and burdensome at times, we must find ways as a community to combat it before the damage becomes irreversible.

Arguably, one of the most debilitating practices poisoning our planet every day is burning fossil fuels for energy, which produces large quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

When burned, these harmful gases trap heat in the atmosphere, making them dominant contributors to global warming and climate change.

One of the simplest and most effective solutions to this ever-worsening situation is completely switching to clean energy by passing the 100pc Clean Energy Act. Not only will this Act help to reduce harmful gases plaguing the atmosphere, but will also help in controlling global temperatures.

Unfortunately, climate change has become a contentious issue in a hyper-polarised political environment.

The thing to remember is that it will affect every individual on this planet regardless of political ideology and personal demographics. We only have one planet and, if we stay on our current path, we will destroy it. If we do not take action now to reduce negative influences, there will be no planet for the coming generations.

Fargham Abbas

Published in Dawn, January 24th, 2022



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