• Positivity ratio in Rawalpindi, Islamabad crosses over 16pc
• Seven succumb to virus in both districts

ISLAMABAD: With a sharp increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Islamabad and Rawalpindi districts, 25 localities were sealed in several sectors and closure of a dozen educational institutions has been recommended in the capital on Friday.

Furthermore, seven people succumbed to the virus in both regions, with the positivity ratio in Rawalpindi and Islamabad shooting up to 16.03 and 18.9pc, respectively.

As many as 1,359 cases surfaced in the capital while 350 people tested positive in Rawalpindi. Those who died in Islamabad resided in I-8, G-11, G-7 and G-8 and were between the ages of 60 and 90. However, no information was available about the casualties in Rawalpindi.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Hamza Shafqaat said 25 streets were sealed where citizens had tested positive in the last couple of days.

The sealed streets are streets no 50, 52 and 53 in F-10/4, streets 21, 23 and 28 in F-11/2, streets 15, 21 and 46 in G-11/2, streets 52, 56, 59, 79 and 80 in G-6/4, streets 31, 36, 37, 38, 42 and 44 in F-8/1 and streets 5, 6, 10, 11, and 17 of F-8/3.

Exemptions to the order include essential services and supplies like pharmacy and medicine shops, grocery stores and bakeries, patients in need of medical aid/medical consultation, drinking water supplies, utilities, and emergency. However, these exemptions will be regulated by standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Islamabad police was also requested to cordon off streets to ensure public safety while assistant commissioners were told to ensure that essential commodities and food supplies in these sealed areas were provided to people.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and request the media to educate people on following SOPs and getting vaccinated,” District Health Officer Dr Zaeem Zia said, adding that contact tracing of such a large number of patients would be difficult to handle.

The situation is being evaluated and an adequate plan of action will be formulated, he said, adding that under the guidelines of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) and the Ministry of National Health Services, the government and health authorities will keep carrying out ground activities.

Coronavirus has been detected in Islamabad Model School for Boys (VI-X) G-8/4, Islamabad Model School for Girls I-10/4, Islamabad Model College for Boys H-9, Islamabad Model College for Boys I-8/3, Islamabad Model College for Girls, Lohi Bher, Islamabad Model College for Girls Tarlai, Islamabad Model School for Girls Alipur Farash, Islamabad Model College for Boys F-8/4, Islamabad Model College for Girls Korang Town, Islamabad Model School for Girls (VI-X) I-10/4, Islamabad Model School for Boys F-11/1, and OPF Girls College F-8/2.

Assistant Commissioner Secretariat Aneel Sayed said Beacon House Newlands was sealed after the virus was traced among students and staff.

During the last 24 hours, 7,187 tests have been conducted in the capital.

As many as 116 cases were reported from Rawat, 64 from Lohi Bher, followed by 32 from G-6, 29 from I-8, 28 each from G-11 and E-11, 26 were found in G-5, 23 in G-10, 21 each in F-10 and Bhara Kahu, 20 each in G-9, F-8 and F-7, 16 cases were detected in G-13, 15 in I-10, 13 in Bari Imam, 12 in F-11, 11 each in F-6 and Tarlai, nine were found in G-7, eight in D-12, seven each in I-9, Khanna, I-12 and H-10, six each in Chak Shahzad, G-15 and H-12, five cases surfaced in G-8, four each in Kurri, Sohan, G-14 and Koral, three each surfaced in Sihala, and Jhangi Syedan and two each in Alipur, E-7, B-17, F-15, H-13, Kirpa, Model Town Humak, G-16 and H-11.

The number of active cases in the capital reached 5,547 on Friday, out of which 73 are admitted to different hospitals.

In Rawalpindi district, there are 1,524 active patients, with 49 in hospitals and 1,475 home isolated.

As many as 83 patients were reported from different parts of Rawalpindi and Chaklala cantonments, 92 from city areas and 96 patients from Potohar Town.

As many as 32 patients are from Gujar Khan, 33 from Taxila, four from Kahuta, eight from Kallar Syedan and two from Kotli Sattian. Three patients arrived from Murree.

There are 49 patients admitted to different hospitals of Rawalpindi city. As many as 10 patients were in Benazir Bhutto Hospital, 13 in Holy Family Hospital, 10 in Fauji Foundation Hospital, 15 patients were in Rawalpindi Institute of Urology while one patient was admitted to Begum Akhtar Rukhsana Memorial Welfare Hospital.

There are three patients on ventilators in Rawalpindi, 33 patients are on oxygen support and 13 are stable.

Published in Dawn, January 22nd, 2022



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