BLA blames agencies for blast in Karachi

16 Nov 2005


QUETTA, Nov 15: The Baloch Liberation Army has condemned the car bomb blast which killed three people in Karachi on Tuesday. Spokesman for the organization, identifying himself as Azad Baloch, calling from some unknown place on a satellite phone, told media people here: “We condemn the killing and injuring of innocent people in the Karachi blast.”

He blamed secret agencies for the explosion and said that the agencies were involving the BLA in it under a conspiracy. “We are not involved in Karachi blast,” he added.

The spokesman said that the BLA was struggling against Punjabi rulers. “We can hit any target in Islamabad and other areas of Punjab, but not in Karachi or any other area of Sindh,” Mr Baloch said, adding that Sindhi people were also being victimized and their rights were being usurped by Punjabi rulers.

Earlier, a man identifying himself as Chakar-i-Azam and claiming to be the spokesman for BLA told media men that BLA take the responsibility of the Karachi blast. However, he expressed his regret over the killing of innocent people.