Oftentimes, we find music that is perfect to put in the background of our project, personal or professional. However, when we try to download it, we face copyright issues and so we are left with nothing but to either buy it or simply forget it.

At such painstaking times, our age-old music library on a computer or mobile phone provides us some relief, but, of course, the music is not as top-notch as we want it to be. So, after a little search on the internet, I found www.Joystock.org — a perfect getaway to get unique and outstanding royalty-free music tunes for listening on your personal device or give it in the background of your video, slideshow or any multimedia project.

Joystock is created in a vibrant purple and blue colour scheme. It is a wonderful site and a solution to all those kids and adults searching for royalty-free music in a variety of different genres like ‘Electronic/Pop’, ‘Corporate’, ‘Happy/Folk’, ‘Cinematic’, ‘Indie/Rock’ and ‘Hip-hop’ to choose from. You can select by browsing through the preview thumbnails given under these categories.

Select download to add the track to your device and use it free on YouTube and other video streaming platforms.

The good thing is every download gives you access to high quality files. You do not even need to create an account.

Although Joystick is all royalty-free, they do require attribution to use it free legally. You can find all attribution information and FAQs at the link describing how to use royalty-free music found at the top of every page.

So, kids, no more fretting over the same music to use in the background of your project, choose modern, high-tech music from various categories that best suits the mood of your multimedia project like podcasts, videos, or slideshows for your school and your college.

The creators of the website claim the music is perfectly safe to use, as they own all rights to the tracks and provide one of the safest music licensing services in the market.

Searching for tunes for your project? Visit: https://www.joystock.org/

Published in Dawn, Young World, September 11th, 2021



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