Pakistan hopes new Taliban govt will work for peace and security in Afghanistan: FO

Published September 8, 2021
Pakistan has reaffirmed its commitment to a peaceful, stable, sovereign and prosperous Afghanistan. — File photo
Pakistan has reaffirmed its commitment to a peaceful, stable, sovereign and prosperous Afghanistan. — File photo

In its first official comment on the government announced by the Taliban, Pakistan on Wednesday expressed the hope that the new political dispensation will work for peace and security in Afghanistan and address its people's humanitarian needs.

"We have noted the latest announcement about formation of [an] interim political set-up in Kabul, which would address the requirement of a governance structure to meet the urgent needs of the people of Afghanistan," a statement issued by the Foreign Office said.

It said Pakistan continued to closely follow the evolving situation in the neighbouring country.

"We hope that the new political dispensation will ensure coordinated efforts for peace, security and stability in Afghanistan as well as work towards taking care of humanitarian and development needs of the Afghan people," the press release added.

Editorial: As Taliban announce new govt, it is yet to be seen if they will deliver on their promises of inclusivity

It further said: "Pakistan reaffirms its abiding commitment to a peaceful, stable, sovereign and prosperous Afghanistan."

On Tuesday, the Taliban announced their much-awaited interim government, with a UN-blacklisted veteran of the hardline movement in the top role, weeks after they swept to power and toppled the US-backed president.

Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund — a senior minister during the Taliban’s brutal and repressive reign in the 1990s — was appointed acting prime minister, a spokesman said at a press conference in Kabul.

The Taliban had promised an inclusive government that would reflect the ethnic makeup of the country, but all the top positions were handed to key leaders from the movement and the Haqqani network — the most violent branch of the Taliban known for devastating attacks.

Shortly after the new line-up was revealed, Hibatullah Akhundzada, the secretive supreme leader of the Taliban who has never been seen in public, released a statement, saying that the new government would “work hard towards upholding Islamic rules and Sharia law”.

Pakistan sending aid to Afghanistan

Meanwhile, the government announced that Pakistan would dispatch humanitarian aid comprising food and medicines for the people of Afghanistan in three C-130 planes.

"After the first immediate tranche through air, further supplies would continue through land routes," a statement by the FO spokesperson said.

It added that the Government of Pakistan will "continue to do its best to help [the] Afghan brethren during the prevalent challenging environment".

Pakistan also urged the international community to play its role in helping the people of Afghanistan to avert a possible humanitarian crisis, the press release said.



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