Israeli aggression against Palestinians widely condemned

Published May 16, 2021
Protesters carrying Palestinian flags shout slogans during a protest against Israel's air strikes launched on the Gaza Strip, in Karachi on May 15, Saturday. — AFP
Protesters carrying Palestinian flags shout slogans during a protest against Israel's air strikes launched on the Gaza Strip, in Karachi on May 15, Saturday. — AFP

ISLAMABAD: Shunning their differences, political parties and religious groups have condemned the Israeli aggression against unarmed Palestinian civilians and destruction of different installations, including media houses, in Gaza.

National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser on Saturday said the government and the opposition would introduce a unanimous resolution in the lower house of parliament against the Israeli aggression as there were no political differences over the matter among the political parties.

Meanwhile, the Milli Yakjehti Council (MYC) called for observing National Palestine Solidarity Day across the country on Sunday (today).

Unanimous resolution in NA planned; call for observing Palestine Solidarity Day today

Talking to reporters, Mr Qaiser said the resolution would convey the sentiments and feeling of every Pakistani.

The speaker said he would consult the opposition parties to bring a unanimous resolution in the National Assembly.

“This is unfair. Why doesn’t the international community see Israeli aggression? I will also contact world leaders, mainly the speakers of parliaments of different countries including the members of the Organ­isation of Islamic Cooperation,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz submitted an adjournment motion to the National Assembly secretariat to discuss the massacre in Gaza by Israeli forces, the intense bombing in residential areas killing innocent civilians and the recent brutal use of force by the Israeli troops that injured over 300 Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah area and around Al Aqsa mosque.

Signed by 14 MNAs, the adjournment motion says that the barbarity must be strongly condemned.

The PML-N also filed a separate adjournment motion in the lower house seeking a discussion on Indian state terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and the martyrdom of Ashraf Sahrai.

Besides, PPP Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar in a statement criticised the attitude of the western governments and media for giving a wrong turn to the fiasco created by Israel. “They are openly attacking civilians and media centres and this is tantamount to gross violation of human rights and committing war crimes and the violation of Geneva Convention.”

The religious leaders too voiced their concern over the attacks at Al Aqsa mosque, human rights violations and use of military force against civilians by Israel.

The MYC announced that it would observe solidarity day with Palestine on Sunday (today) and stage rallies across the country while respecting the Covid-19 standard operating procedures.

Addressing a news briefing, the MYC leaders lauded the bravery and resilience of the Palestinian people and their leadership for resisting the Israeli tyranny despite the worldwide support to the Zionist state.

Allama Nasir Abbas, chief of the Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen, said the Palestinian brothers had given the message to the world that despite all its technological and financial might due to the backing of the advanced world, “Israel is only a bubble”.

“While the western world led by the United States is backing Israeli actions, there is other side of the picture too, as the resistance of Palestinians is paying off and many countries that did not support the Palestinian cause in the past have raised their voice this time,” Allama Abbas said.

MYC deputy secretary general Dr Saqib Akbar said council leaders including Maul­ana Fazlur Rehman, Allama Sajid Naqvi, Sirajul Haq, Sahibzada Abul Khair Zubair had extended their support and consent for observing the solidarity day with Palestine.

He said the oppressed people of Palestine had created a wave of awakening all over the world and even in the West the policies of the United States and Israel were being disliked.

Published in Dawn, May 16th, 2021


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