Learning from failure and success

This is an apropos to the article “Learning from failure and success” by Tanzila Asim Zafar (YW, October 24). The writer put forward some great ideas that failure is a path to success, if you have failed once or even twice, it does not mean that you will keep on failing.

You will have to face many challenges, some will be easy while some difficult, but you have to remain persistent in your stance because successful people never give up.

Mehwish Sultan,


United we stand

This is with reference to the article “United we stand” by Muhammad Taha Imran (YW, November 7). The article was written wonderfully and told readers to face bad situations together and be united.

The covid–19 pandemic has brought many changes around us, and it is time that we show unity and stand together by accepting the advices given by doctors and the government. We must promise ourselves to be united among us and face the current horrible situation bravely.

Aman Memon,

Tando Jam

Story time

This is regarding the two stories published in Story time in (YW, November 7) issue. The first, “Awful haircut” by Awa Amin was hilarious and I enjoyed reading it a lot. The story conveyed the message that we have to be patient in all the situations.

The second story “A matchstick’s tale” by Maryam Saddiqui was quite different but of course, very interesting. We never pay attention to such things laying around in our house, but this story made me to think about the non-living stuff in a different way. I’m really impressed with both the stories. I believe Young World must increase the number of pages or put more stories in it.

Hooriya Naz,


A matchstick’s tale

This is regarding the story “A matchstick’s tale” by Maryam Siddiqui (YW, November 7).

I am very thankful to the YW for publishing a story which was full of lessons. I found the story very interesting and informative. It taught us to be responsible and be happy with the duty we are assigned to. All of us have come to this world with a particular job, so we must give our best just like the matchstick in the story.

Azeem Hassan Maitlo,

Khairpur Mirs


The story “A matchstick’s tale” by Maryam Siddiqui gave positive vibes. Everyone in this world is born with a specific purpose. Just like the matchstick in the story, we should also stay calm and be hopeful in all the situations.

Fareena Noor,


Published in Dawn, Young World, November 21st, 2020


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