Ask a stupid question

This is with reference to the cover story “Go ahead, ask a stupid question”, by Rizwana Naqvi, (YW, September 26, 2020). I found the article very interesting and it made me think of the numerous times when I have kept quiet because I felt what I wanted to ask or say would be considered very stupid and dumb by others.

No one knows all the answers, so we should not hesitate to ask something when we don’t understand it or are confused about it. In fact, it is stupid to remain quiet and let a chance to learn something we don’t know pass by us.

I believe the society’s attitude towards people is also to blame for this because smart people are always applauded and those who are ignorant, for no fault of theirs, are made fun off. So everyone tries to be smarter than they actually are and this leads to them not speaking up when they don’t know something.

We should try to speak up and not be shy about asking a question.

Sadia Ahmed,


The struggle is real

Sometimes, as school-going kids, we think our parents’ life is amazing. They don’t have homework or exams, they can buy whatever they want and go wherever they want to.

But if we look at what our mothers do for us, we will realise that their job is the most difficult. Our mum wakes up before us, she makes breakfast, and after we go to school, she does not sleep but washes dishes, clothes and cleans the house. And then she gets lunch ready before we return from school.

And if you are thinking that your mum has a maid who does everything, then think again. Maids need to be told what to do and how to do it, then supervised too.

We get holidays from schools and fathers get leave from their offices, but mothers never get a break from all that they do for their family. They are human beings too. They need a break too.

I would humbly request all the children and their fathers to help their mothers and wives in household work. You can never replay your mother for all she does, but you can do some of her work and make her happy and relaxed.

Rameen Kaka,


Spend wisely

Arsh Faisal’s story “Spend wisely”, published in Young World, on October 3, 2020 was not only a great story, but also a great lesson for children and students.

We need to use things wisely, especially money, because it is not only hard to earn money, but we can need it anytime too.

If kids start saving some money for the future, it would be of help and when facing difficulty. So we should utilise money wisely.

Mansoor Ali Rajper,

Naushahro Feroze

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 17th, 2020



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