AMMAN: King Hussein called the Army to power in Jordan today [Sept 16] and proclaimed Martial Law to end the state of near anarchy caused by the presence of Palestinian commandos in his country. Brigadier Mohammed Daoud, 50, was appointed Prime Minister and Lt-Gen Haris Majali was named Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Military Governor of Jordan. In its first proclamation the new Military Government declared it would “strike with an iron fist against all who create disorder”.

Official sources said the new soldier-Premier, Brig Mohammed Daoud, had told an Arab League Conciliation Committee today that his government was committed to the ceasefire agreements with the commandos and would seek to implement them. But observers here said it was clear that if the Fedayeen spurned this olive branch … the new military regime would not hesitate to move against them…

Yasser Arafat, newly appointed Commander-in-Chief of all Palestinian forces, today ordered his guerillas to resist any advance by Jordanian troops under the new Military Government. In an order to all men of the newly unified Palestinian Liberation Army, full-time commandos and part-time militia, Arafat issued strict instructions that the Fedayeen should otherwise fire only in self-defence.

Published in Dawn, September 17th, 2020