A barbaric solution

17 Sep 2020


WHEN news of the motorway gang-rape case broke, an uproar went up from people demanding public hanging to discourage rape and child abuse. What is unfortunate is that many politicians share this opinion.

In the heart-wrenching murder and rape of that cherubic angel Zainab, in Kasur, the perpetrator was hanged. However, child abuse cases have increased by 11 per cent in a two square kilometre area of Kasur alone!

This reveals the problem is rooted elsewhere. Children are not being taught about bad touch in primary schools. This should be included in the curriculum.

Many schools have removed the chapters on reproduction from their biology classes.

In my opinion public hangings do not lead to a decrease in crimes. In Saudi Arabia and Iran, despite public hangings being legal, there is an increase in crimes. The barbarity of the criminal should never be answered with barbarity from the state; mindless violence is no solution to the problem.

Experts say there is a need to invest in the justice system. The government should ensure the victims receive financial assistance in their effort to fight the judicial battle. More women should be recruited in the police and there should be a round-the-clock availability of helpline in all provinces in the respective local languages so women can seek immediate assisstance.

Aitzaz Hussain

Published in Dawn, September 17th, 2020