LAHORE: Students and schools on Wednesday showed reservation on Cambridge International board results announced two days ago.

Earlier, Cambridge International announced promoting ‘A’ and ‘O’ level students and would allot grades according to their previous performance as the examinations were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, students and school administrations launched protests against not awarding grades according to previous performance of the students and also avoiding schools suggestions and recommendations.

The students were given low grades even having A+ grades in previous examinations.

The students were of the view that the Cambridge International had violated its own decisions and allotted low grades to them.

They said the Cambridge International only had exercised this promotion drama to earn money and they would have been given low grades and would appear in the next examination after the coronavirus pandemic.

“We were optimistic that Cambridge International was taking measures and promoting students to compensate their time loss but they not only had given poor grades but also would earn billions after everyone would have to take examinations to get better grades.

Federal Minister for Education, Professional Training, National Heritage and Culture Shafqat Mahmood tweeted, “I have received many complaints about unfair grading and have conveyed to Cambridge the concern of students. I am hopeful that CAIE will look into it and take remedial measures.”

Also, Punjab Minister for School Education Murad Raas tweeted: “ANNOUNCEMENT: To all the O and A Level students and their parents. CAIE has been completely unfair with our Children. Right now I am requesting Cambridge to fix the grading problem. If they don’t, I will go after them with everything possible. I am standing with our Children.”

He further tweeted “Approximately 125,000 O’Level students and 75,000 A’Level students. Cost O’Level Rs 16,000 per subject & A’ Level Rs 19,000 per subject. Do the Math. To give the grades that have been given by CAIE & charge our students again will be HIGHWAY ROBBERY.”

Published in Dawn, August 13th, 2020