The PML-N government had launched a scheme in 2013 to provide laptop computers to university and professional colleges students. Later the scheme was extended to include intermediate students who topped in their respective boards.

The scheme was well received as it supported students in their academic activities. It is unfortunate that this government has temporarily abolished this scheme.

We are living in a very competitive era where possession of information technology has become as important as oxygen for human beings to survive. The world today is nothing but an E-system. To compete in today’s world, every student must be proficient in advanced information technology. Therefore, it is the government’s responsibility to support students in this respect. This has become all the more important as all education activities have now gone online owing to the Covid-19 pandemic because all the educational institutes are closed.

The need of the time is that the government should restart the laptop scheme. Further it should ensure cheaper and uninterrupted internet facilities and other such support for students as online education has become a necessity.

Asra Naz

Published in Dawn, July 28th, 2020