PESHAWAR: Khan Abdul Wali Khan, President of the Pakistan National Awami Party (Requisitionists) has reiterated his allegation that certain Government functionaries were siding with the All-Pakistan Muslim League (Qayyum group), and appealed to President Yahya Khan to ensure their “impartiality” in ... national politics.

Addressing a public meeting at Village Barmol, in Mardan district ... last evening [July 10], Khan Abdul Wali Khan [said] that he had no doubt about the neutrality of the President in ... national politics, but regretted that certain Government functionaries were not strictly adhering to the President’s declared policy of neutrality. It was imperative, he said, that all Government functionaries were ensured to be impartial in the interests of free and fair elections....

The NAP chief criticised Khan Qayyum Khan, President of the APML, and accused him of “massacre” of the Pakhtoons for which he would be made “accountable”. He also cautioned the people against catchy slogans being raised by certain politicians and reminded them that they were the same people, who had plundered and looted the nation, during the past 23 years. They had staged a comeback in the political arena, in order to hoodwink the masses with the slogans of “Islam in danger” and “Pakistan in danger”. — Agency

Published in Dawn, July 12th, 2020