To most of us, music relaxes our nerves and gives positive energy. To many kids and adults, music works as magic, and it gives them a boost in whatever they are doing. So those of you who love music and want to experiment with music, Boomy is the right site for you as it uses artificial intelligence in making the music of your choice.

So how does Boomy work? First of all, you need to sign up so that you can create and save your music. After that, click ‘Create song’ which opens a new page for you to choose styles, such as “Rap beats”, “Global groove”, “Relaxing meditation”, “Electronic”, “Advanced”, etc., with all having extra filters in them. For instance, if you click “Electronic”, you can further choose from “Modern, High intensity, Ambient, Vintage, Maximum thump”, and many more to define your sounds.

After choosing a style and filter, click ‘Create song’, and Boomy will start creating original, full-length songs for you to save or reject. If you don’t like what you hear, click ‘Try Again’ and you’ll get a new song. If you like the song, click ‘Save,’ and the song will be saved to your library.

You can edit your sounds as well. For instance, clicking ‘Edit’, will open a new page with your sequence of notes and options to change the style, manage speed, vocals, etc. You will also notice that the note sequence is sliced in sections; for example, if you like the beats at Section five and want it to be at the beginning, meaning Section one, you can drag it to the beginning; section one will automatically go to Section five. You even have the choice to delete any section from the sequence of notes.

Download the music to your computer, choosing from a variety of audio file choices or share it using the URL or links to social media sites. You can use your music in your videos, create and release albums, and explore a limitless well of your musical creativity.

Because Boomy uses artificial intelligence to help you personalise and create original music, even if you have never created songs before; the more songs you create, the more Boomy personalises offerings based on your preferences.

So what are you waiting for experiment and create music of your choice at

Published in Dawn, Young World, July 4th, 2020