THIS refers to the cowardly terrorist attack by Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), which was mainly to destroy our economy.

The terrorists had planned well and had come to PSX to stay and fight for a long period to damage the economy and peace of Pakistan. However, our security personnel posted at PSX must be lauded for their courage and for fighting the terrorists bravely. It was because of these brave men we were able to save so many lives as there were people inside PSX for trading when the attack occurred.

It is obvious that Indian intelligence agency — RAW — has been involved in such dastardly terrorist attacks in Pakistan. A few days ago, a retired Indian army officer threatened Pakistan and claimed on TV that they had been in constant touch with the BLA in Balochistan to support the group in carrying out its terrorist activities and destroy peace in Sindh and Balochistan.

The security of our institutions which are playing a significant role in boosting our economy should be enhanced to thwart any such terrorist attacks in future.

Terrorist attacks occurred in the last few days in Sindh and the threat given by a retired Indian army officer are enough to prove Indian involvement and why we see a surge in terrorist activities in Pakistan.

However, it is the first time in the history of Pakistan that PSX was attacked which is a clear signal that the enemy does not want Pakistan to prosper economically. We must prepare for the worst in the future.

Fawad Hussain



ANOTHER plan to destroy Pakistan’s economy and peace was thwarted and for that we are grateful to Sindh police and Sindh Rangers for their rapid response to the terrorist attack at PSX.

We should salute especially the police constables who took down BLA terrorists with head shots to ensure they are neutralised immediately and not able to carry out their task.

This attack could have taken many lives if police and security personnel had not reacted and killed the terrorists within eight minutes. They must be awarded gallantry medals for the courage they showed in the face of danger and for saving so many lives. The valour they showed also proved that our police are courageous and skilled too like our army.

This was a befitting reply to all the evil forces which want to disturb the peace of Pakistan. May God bless Sindh police and Sindh Rangers!

Anthony Sahotra



THE gory attack on PSX is abominable. The recent wave of horror unleashed by terrorists asks many questions about the security plan of our offices and public places.

As war against terrorism has entered its last phase, this denouement was expected. More vigilance is required at all public places to protect and safeguard the lives of all. Salute to gallantry displayed by PSX security guards, police and Rangers. It is hoped that the government as well as PSX members will provide handsome cash rewards to those who have been martyred while protecting the lives of others.

Iftikhar Mirza


Published in Dawn, July 2nd, 2020