KE’s apathy

June 18, 2020


I AM 80 years of age, paralysed and unable to go outside my home. I sent my daughter-in-law to K-Electric customer care centre, Darul Uloom, Korangi, Karachi, to explain the matter about my current KE bill for the month of May.

She spent three hours but the KE staff at the centre did not listen to the complaint lodged by my daughter-in-law. The staff was told that the current bill for 560 units was Rs10,069.86, but KE sent a bill for total amount of Rs17,981, although there were no arrears.

But KE staff did not give any satisfactory reply to my daughter-in-law and asked her to pay the full amount, saying that the bill could not be corrected or modified.

Since I am paralysed and not able to pay such amount of excessive bill, I asked KE to explain why it has issued an incorrect and excessive bill.

I have been regularly paying the KE bill every month for the last 27 years, but the apathetic behaviour of the KE staff is regrettable.

June 12 was the last date to pay my current bill for May, but I did not receive my original bill from the KE customer care centre.

Will KE do something in this regard?

Anwar Ahmed Khan

Published in Dawn, June 18th, 2020