How many international languages can you speak, or at least understand? Or are you impressed by someone who speaks more than two or three international languages? It is always good to know more than two or three languages, local or international, because this is a communication skill and will help you in various paths of life. And knowing international languages has its perks.

So for those who know a couple of international languages or those who claim to know some languages, here is a quick challenge for them at — an interactive site where you can test your or the claimers’ languages expertise.

The site was created with support from the US National Science Foundation and University of Pennsylvania’s researchers who build games to study languages, improve teaching and to help computers work with various languages.

As you open the site, you will see three tabs, “Score, Round and Lives” on top centre of the home page, below the tabs are ‘Play’ and ‘Pause’ icons, clicking the Play icon will start short audio clips in any language. Here, you are challenged to identify the language that has been spoken. You are given three options of different languages to choose from. Clicking the correct answers will earn you points.

However, if you give too many incorrect answers, the game ends. You may play the game anonymously or create an account. By creating an account, you can save your results and also give consent to the site creators for your game results for their research and educational purposes.

So if you think you are ready to take the challenge, or want to test the knowledge of your friend’s who claim to know different international languages, either way visit,

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 20th, 2020