Cook-it-yourself: Coffee and cookies ice cream

23 May 2020


Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer

This lockdown has made many of us food-obsessed in different ways. Cooking and eating is one of the things that we do at home — that is when we are not missing what we can’t go out to eat.

But you know, whatever is available in any restaurant or shop can also be made at home, and maybe even better. This heat has been making me crave for ice cream, and since we are avoiding going for grocery shopping too frequently, I decided to take matters in my own hands and whip up something for myself.

This was not a recipe I saw somewhere or had tried before — I experimented with what I had at home and the result was totally mind-blowing!

Coffee and cookies ice cream

Although I used popsicle moulds for this, you can just freeze it in any airtight container and serve in scoops. And I had chocolate chip biscuits which I broke into small pieces, but not crumbs, you can use any biscuits you have or skip it altogether.


• 2 cups cream

• ½ cup condensed milk

• 2 tsp coffee

• ½ cup crushes chocolate cookies/biscuits

Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer


In a bowl, beat the cream until light. Take two tablespoons of cream and add to the coffee and beat until well combined. Now add the condensed milk to the cream, and mix with hand or a beater.

Now add the biscuit pieces and gently mix with a spoon. Finally add the coffee-cream mixture to the cream and condensed milk bowl, and gently give it a couple of turns by the spoon. Do not over mix as the coffee streaks should give a marble effect when frozen.

Now spoon it into a popsicle mould or any container with a tight lid, and freeze it at least overnight.

A nice creamy coffee ice cream with a crunchy touch is ready for you to beat the heat with its cool and delicious taste.

Published in Dawn, Young World, May 23rd, 2020