Gujrat: The Municipal Corporation has planned remodeling of three major disposal stations of the city to improve the sewerage and drainage system before the upcoming rainy season.

The project will cost a sum of Rs70 million that has been allocated from the approved uplift funds of PML-Q MNA Chaudhry Moonis Elahi.

The public health and engineering department has been assigned with execution of the scheme that includes the remodeling of three oldest disposal stations of the city -- Narowali, Kalara and Boley.

Gujrat MC Chief Officer Mehmood Iqbal Gondal told Dawn that the remodeling included the installation of new pumping machines, de-silting of the wells of these stations, as well as the construction of their boundary walls.

However, he said the design of Boley disposal station would also be changed to enhance its capacity, adding that the revamp of the station was ignored by the past regime.

Similarly, he said that the Narowali disposal station on the city outskirts, along Sargodha road, would be made fully functional. He added that the sewerage had been a major issue of Gujrat city since long which needed to be addressed.

He said the entire drainage and sewerage system of the city was in need of a thorough revamp but the huge funds required for the purpose were not currently available.

Last year, he said, the Ratti disposal station had been rehabilitated by the public health and engineering department for which Rs20 million fund was provided by the MC on the recommendation of Mr Elahi.

He said the MNA had again allocated a huge amount of his uplift funds for the project that would save the city areas from overflowing sewage during the coming rainy season.

He added that tenders had already been advertised for the execution of scheme.

Published in Dawn, May 18th, 2020