Success is a journey that is essential for a person in every aspect of life. And it is reading books that is indirectly the path that leads to success in one’s life.

The relationship of success and reading books can be explained by giving numerous examples, such as the link of wheat and water. Just like water is necessary for the growth of wheat, reading books is the requirement of success for it nurtures one’s mental and physiological growth.

The journey towards success is not a short and untiring one. While different books enrich a person’s mind with knowledge of different things, the study of books determines the difficulties a person would face in the journey to success. The more the knowledge gained from study, the easier it would be for the person to climb the ladder of achievements and embrace victory.

The fact cannot be denied that reading books plays a vital role in polishing one’s skills. Great thoughts, creativity and imagination come from reading story books. History creates tolerance in one’s heart and lights up innovative ideas in the mind. Eventually, it would be the study of history that would guide a man to the right and wise path.

Many readers question how history changes one’s personality? The answer is that when a person reads history, he gets to know about the cultures of different civilisations and the mistakes that famous people made and we can learn lessons from their mistakes. This is how the study of history will bring a change in our character.

Imam Al-Ghazali once said: “If we don’t learn lessons from people, we become lessons to other people.’

The study of our ancestors’ history is also very important. It creates patriotism in one’s mind for his nation and becomes a source of harmony which unites the person with his family, with the people of his religion and ultimately with his nation.

So, we should all read books, especially the history of our country and religion, as it is very important for the prosperity of our country and our success.

Published in Dawn, Young World, April 4th, 2020