RAWALPINDI: The police have sought help from the North Punjab circle postmaster general to curtail the supply of kites through the postal service from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Rawalpindi as this has hampered police efforts to check kite flying, which is banned in Punjab.

According to sources, the move came about after the Potohar and Rawal Division police seized considerable amount of kites and kite string during an ongoing crackdown against flying, selling and making kites.

Police said the Cantt police arrested two people and recovered kites and string from them. During the investigation, the suspects told them that they brought the kites and string from KP through the post.

In a letter to the postmaster general, the police said that the Punjab government has banned the flying, making and sale of kites across the province. The police have been trying to impose the ban, but their efforts are being hindered due to the supply of kites through the post from parts of the country where kite flying is not illegal.

The police have asked the postmaster general to direct those concerned not to book kites through the postal service.

The police have also arranged a lecture at Gordon College on the implementation of the ban on flying kites and firing into the air.

Deputy Superintendent of Police City Circle Faisal Saleem delivered the lecture to students and traders’ representatives. He urged them to help the police prevent kite flying, which he said was dangerous and banned by the government.

The New Town police earlier seized a large quantity of kites booked on goods transport from KP, recovering 25,000 kites and arresting five people.

Police said that they were acting on information that a large number of kites were being brought to Rawalpindi by truck and the consignment would be received by five people at the New Katarian goods transport stand.

The police raid on the transport stand resulted in the recovery of 25,000 kites worth more than Rs1.2 million.

The police recovered more than 700 kites and a significant amount of string during the ongoing crackdown as well. Three people were arrested from different parts of the city on Monday.

Published in Dawn, February 20th, 2020