Wasting food

28 Jan 2020


NEARLY 1.3 billion tonnes of food produced globally is wasted, which is equal to one-third of the total food production. This makes for sad reading.

In Pakistan every year almost 36 million tonnes of food is wasted. This is equivalent to the total food consumed in a day by the combined populations of Lahore, Karachi and Hyderabad.

The Global Hunger Index has ranked Pakistan at 94 out of 117 countries in food deficiency of its citizens. This is an alarming situation for a country where 60 per cent of the population is deprived of quality food.

To control and eradicate growing hunger in Pakistan, there is a need for attitude and behavioural changes among citizens as well as the government’s policies.

There is a need to ensure the people especially the poor, can purchase quality food at affordable rates.

Kalimullah Khoso

Kashmore, Sindh


ALMOST daily we heard of a shortage of some essential food item. It began with tomatoes. Then it was onions, wheat and now sugar. No one is sure whether there is an actual shortage or the situation develops because of hoarding and greed for more profit.

The majority of Pakistani people are either middle class or less privileged and cannot afford the high prices of essential items.

On the other hand, I have observed at wedding functions how much food is wasted. People overfill their plates and don’t finish what they take and large amount of food goes waste.

The federal, and provincial governments should take measures to implement a ‘one dish, one dessert policy in all functions. Further, marriage function timings deadline should be 10pm

These steps will go a long way toward addressing the food shortage and also help save electricity and valuable time of citizens.

Akber D.Vazir


Published in Dawn, January 28th, 2020