BARISAL: Mr Nurul Amin, chief of Pakistan Democratic Party (PDP), said here yesterday [Jan 11] that his party’s programme provided the best solution of all problems constitutional, economic and social now facing the country. Addressing a big meeting at the local town hall, the PDP chief stressed on an economic programme which would make Pakistanis happier and the country stronger.

Mr Amin demanded full regional autonomy before election and suggested unity in the democratic forces in the country. He thought that the issue of autonomy was “deliberately left out to create fogginess and provide it as a weapon to some during the elections”. He wondered why the issue was left out unsettled when all other problems were settled. The PDP chief warned that emotionalism and bad blood, being created round the issue and raised by him long before, posed a threat to the next elections. If it is not settled, the possibility of holding the election might be in danger, he said.

Making his first public appearance, the PDP chief said that country today facing far more complex problems [than] any time in the past in the life of the nation while economic condition of the people was becoming increasingly difficult...

Published in Dawn, January 13th, 2020