Wonder Craft: Birthday crown

14 Dec 2019


Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer

A birthday is a special occasion, the day you are filled with immense happiness and want everyone to make it even more special for you. For instance, a new dress, shoes and a bunch of accessories to go with your day, including the most important prop — a birthday cap. Traditionally, cone-shaped birthday caps have been around for ages and are never out of trend. In fact, it is not wrong to say that without birthday caps, this event feels incomplete. However, for a birthday girl or birthday boy, the cap has to be something special and different from those of the guests. This is why I have made a birthday crown today, the design is that of a typical king’s crown, but you can always bring variations in it to suit your taste.

Today, we are making it for boys, in the coming weeks we will be making one for girls too.

Things you need:

  1. Glitter sheet (colour of your choice)

  2. One inch of Velcro (optional)

  3. Glue stick

  4. Scissors

  5. One coloured paper to be used inside the crown

  6. Hard paper strip

  7. Pencil

  8. White paper

Note: Whether you are making the crown for yourself or for your sibling, measure the circumference of wearer’s head.

Photos by the writer
Photos by the writer


  1. Draw the shape of a crown by placing the white paper in landscape, keeping in mind the measurement. You can take help from an elder, picture 2.

  2. Cut this template out, and put it on the glitter sheet. As glitter sheets are usually A4-sized, so keep in mind to cut the sheet in half and join both parts in between, picture 3.

  3. Cut an inch wide hard paper strip, its length should be two to three inches longer than the measurement of the head, picture 4.

  4. The hard paper strip is used here to make the base of the crown hard.

  5. Paste half an inch of Velcro at the end of the strip, on both sides, picture 5.

  6. Now cut the coloured paper according to the design of the crown and paste it inside, it gives the crown an even tone and decent look, pictures 6 and 7.

  7. Decorate your crown with beads and with colourful pieces of glitter sheet, pictures 8 and 9.

  8. Stick both sides of the crown with Velcro, picture 10.

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