SHANGLA: Commuters and transporters in Shangla have demanded of the authorities to clear the roads of rubble, which hinders the smooth flow of vehicular traffic.

Talking to reporters here on Tuesday, they said the rubble brought on by the floodwaters and landslides was still lying on the Swat-Bisham, Alpuri-Puran, Bisham-Khataksar roads.

Wajid Ali, a local resident, said the rubble obstructed vehicular traffic at different points on the Bisham-Swat Road, but despite reminders the district administration remained aloft to the issue.

Mazhar Ali, another local, said it had been a year since the landslides had hit the roads, but authorities did not properly clear the roads of the rubble.

He said the officials also used the roads, but they ignored the people’s hardships.

He said it was responsibility of the administration to clear the roads of any hindrance for easing the travel.

The local people warned of coming onto the streets if the administration did not move immediately to remove the rubble from roads.

Published in Dawn, December 11th, 2019