First Marvel comics issue auctions for $1.26 million

Recently, a perfectly-preserved copy of Marvel’s first-ever comic book was sold to an anonymous buyer for a record $1.26 million by Dallas-based Heritage Auctions. The copy was published in 1939 by Timely Comics, which later became Marvel Comics, it features an android superhero called The Human Torch, a costumed detective known as Angel, and a mutant anti-hero dubbed Namor the Sub-Mariner.

The graphic novel was first purchased in 1939 for a mere 10 cents by a Uniontown, Pennsylvania, mail carrier, well-known for his penchant for buying first issues of comics and magazines. Though it has changed hands a few times since, the issue is in ‘outrageously’ good condition, scoring 9.4 on a scale of one to ten.

“This is a historic copy of a historic comic book,” Ed Jaster, Heritage Auctions senior vice president, said of the graphic novel. “Without question, this is the granddaddy of all Marvel Comics, without which we would not have the characters and stories we enjoy in today’s comics and feature films.”

Spies in Disguise save the world in new trailer

The upcoming film Spies in Disguise features Will Smith and Tom Holland, with Smith voicing super spy Lance Sterling, who is transformed into a pigeon by scientist Walter Beckett (Holland).

Lance must then rely on the accident-prone Walter in order to stop an evil villain from realising his plan. Lance is also featured driving his car as a pigeon by using his feet and being unable to take down a large opponent due to being a bird. The movie is set to arrive in theatres on December 25. Ben Mendelsohn, Karen Gillan, Rashida Jones, DJ Khaled and Masi Oka also provide voices.

Ailing Madonna cancels concerts

Pop music icon Madonna has announced on social media she will take a break from touring to recover from unspecified health issues.

“Please forgive this unexpected turn of events. Doing my show every night brings me so much joy and to cancel is a kind of punishment for me, but the pain I’m in right now is overwhelming and I must rest and follow doctors’ orders so I can come back stronger and better and continue the journey with all of you,” the 61-year-old singer wrote on Instagram.

The tour is to promote Madonna’s latest album “Madame X”.

Published in Dawn, Young World, December 7th, 2019