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December 07, 2019


Britain’s fattest cat given crash diet

Tubby tabby, dubbed Britain’s fattest cat because she weighs a whopping 9.5kg, double the weight of a healthy cat, has been sent to a rescue home when her owner couldn’t cope anymore.

Staff at Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre in West Sussex even has to help her clean herself as she has become too big to manage it herself.

It’s thought that Paisley’s (the cat) massive bulk comes from being overfed by her previous owner, combined with a lack of exercise and poor diet, which saw her weight skyrocket.

Deputy manager of the rescue centre, Tania Marsh, said: “I’ve been with Cats Protection for 13 years and we get some cats on the larger side sometimes, but nothing of this extent.

She’s started a vet-prescribed diet to help her beat the bulge and has already shifted one pound on her new healthy lifestyle. Despite the positive progress, there’s still a chance poor Paisley will develop diabetes.

She added: “My advice would be to feed your cats twice a day. Limit the treats in between.”

Largest Rubik’s cube

A British puzzle enthusiast said he has broken his own Guinness World Record by building a Rubik’s cube measuring 6-feet 8-inches tall.

Tony Fisher of Ipswitch, England, said his 6-foot-8-inch cube breaks his own previous record for the world’s largest Rubik’s cube, which measured 5 feet 1.7 inches tall. Fisher said he is submitting the paperwork to Guinness to have his latest cube recognised.

The puzzle enthusiast previously captured Guinness records for the world’s smallest Rubik’s cube, which measures only 0.22 inch tall, and the world’s largest fidget spinner.

Rare condition makes dog look like puppy

The picture you see is of an adorable little puppy, but can you believe that this is not a puppy but an adult, two-year-old dog that lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his guardian. You might wonder how did it all happen?

Well, this all happened after Ranger (the dog) was diagnosed with Pituitary Dwarfism after contracting a parasite called Giardia.

After recovering, his owners Shelby Mayo, noticed that the pooch wasn’t growing at the same rate as other dogs of his breed. So they took him to the vet, where they discovered that he is stuck in perpetual puppy-hood.

While Ranger’s condition may make him look cute, the poor pup has experienced several health issues as a result, including shedding fur and flaky skin. Despite this, the little dog has never let anything hold him back and is now happy and healthy — and enjoys a lot of attention from adoring fans on his Instagram account.

Chihuahua reverses SUV across busy road

Have you ever seen or even heard a dog driving a vehicle? If not, then this will add into your knowledge. Recently, police in Louisiana shared security camera footage from an incident at the Gause Boulevard gas station involving a chihuahua that managed to drive its owner’s vehicle across a street.

The five pound chihuahua had been left alone inside an SUV, taking the opportunity, the dog managed to knock the SUV into reverse due to a mechanical issue that allowed the transmission to change gears without the brake being engaged. The video shows the SUV rolling backward across a busy road as cars speed past.

“It is a miracle that no one was seriously injured and that no other vehicles were struck during this incident,” police wrote. “Let this be a lesson to everyone to please use caution when leaving pets inside of your vehicle.”

Published in Dawn, Young World, December 7th, 2019