To me, growing up without reading Roald Dahl is incomplete. And I hope most of you would agree with me and may have read stories by this world’s most imaginative and successful children author.

The author’s work is ever green, and today marks his 29th death anniversary, therefore we are exploring his official site, — the site, packed with latest news, stories, and views all about Roald Dahl.

As soon as you open the site, you are greeted with the same look and attention to detail that both Roald and his illustrator Quentin Blake paid to all their bestsellers. The main menu remains at the top centre with categories that include, ‘Roald Dahl’ where you get the chance to look back into his life, experiences, how he entered the literary world and history of his publications.

Then there is ‘Create and learn’ category, where you can bring the magical world of Roald Dahl into your classroom with the education resources. These lesson plans follow marvellous themes from Roald’s best-known stories and include lots of fun activities. Though you can’t actually visit the ‘Museum’ from here, you can learn a great deal and explore the Roald Dahl Museum (situated in Great Missenden, the Buckinghamshire village) where Dahl lived and wrote for 36 years.

The ‘Museum’ is aimed at six to 12-year olds, features three hands-on galleries and is home to the Roald Dahl archive, early school days and peeks into the author’s original Writing Hut.

The museum puts your imagination centre-stage with fantabulous Roald Dahl workshops and events to inspire the writer in you.

Each section is filled with amazing stuff and you get a lot of options to keep digging in the fascinating Dahl’s world. For instance, going to the biography section you can read an interview with Roald and there’s even a quiz to test your knowledge about the great man himself. Apart from that, you can even make crafts inspired by his famous stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where you can come up with your own Wonka creation and invent something in the “Wonka Inventing Room” template and send it to the website.

So basically, the website is a great way of paying tribute to this legendary writer by exploring his characters, stories, quizzes, news and events.

To explore the wonderful world of Dahl visit:

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 23rd, 2019