Azadi march

Nov 19 2019


MATTHEW Arnold said of Shakespeare: “Others abide our question. Thou art free.” The same applies to the JUI chief Fazlur Rehman.

Others, for instance, would abide our question: why they did not complain to the election commission if they believed irregularity had occurred during the elections. But Maulana is free.

When the ‘rigging’, or whatever happened, more than one year ago, he had been asleep. Now, he has suddenly woken up and because he is ‘free’, he has adopted the shortcut of asking for Imran Khan’s resignation and fresh elections to make up for the time lost.

S. G. Jillanee


THIS refers to traffic problem in Rawalpindi. Traffic in Saddar, College Road, Raja Bazaar, Murree Road and other main city roads is expected to increase because of Fazlur Rehman’s plan B.

Most of the roads in Islamabad will be blocked and people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad will follow the alternative routes and diversions given by traffic police.

Service of metro bus will also stop because of this march. This service starts from Saddar terminal (Rawalpindi) and culminates at Pakistan secretariat terminal (Islamabad). In between the two points there is a bus terminal at Peshawar Mor where Fazlur Rehman and his protesters will stay, stopping the bus service.

Stoppage of the bus service will increase the vehicular traffic causing traffic jams and problems for the people, especially office workers and students.

Sheikh Abdul Wasay


ARPOPOS the news item ‘JUI-F leaders booked for blocking highway’ (Nov 16).

I was in Islamabad and these men were walking around with batons and being a nuisance.

These protesters should be jailed for being a threat to public safety and blocking roads. Peaceful protestors don’t block roads nor do they need batons.

Protestors should require a permit and should not be allowed to camp. They are welcome to return the next day if they have a permit. Any costs associated with clean-up and security should be paid by the protestors - not the public.

Finally, permits should only be issued if a bond is provided to cover clean-up and security costs.

Asad Khan

Published in Dawn, November 19th, 2019