Most of us know about the catastrophic conditions prevailing in our earth’s environment, affecting humans as well as various animal species and thus resulting in many of them becoming extinct with time.

The reasons are countless, but some of them include illegal poachers, climate change, deforestation, etc. Unfortunately, we are still unable to play our role in protecting these various species. These cruel facts cannot be ignored, we need to keep reminding ourselves to do whatever possible for conservation, and this is where proves to be helpful.

Species-in-pieces is dedicated to interactive exhibition-turned-study into 30 of the most endangered species around the world. There is no doubt in saying that the site is wonderfully created and the animals are crafted using CSS polygons, webkits/CSS animations. This interactive site reminds us about the beauty (of animals) we are in danger of losing every day by showing 30 species, each in 30 pieces, giving a strong message that their survival at stake.

Once you open the site, you can dig deep into the carefully selected 30 endangered animals’ information by clicking “Explore the exhibition”. This is where the real interactive fun begins. The screen shows one of the endangered animals, created in 30 geometrically-shaped pieces. You will find this feature quite impressive and interesting as the specie is also animated.

If you want to read the stats and what makes it a threatened species, click the button in the middle of up and down arrows, “What’s the threat?” at the left side of the screen. The arrows will help you to jump to the next or to the previous animal and read about their stories, struggles and how they have become the victim of poachers, climate change and deforestation.

Apart from that, you can download the wallpaper, turn on and off the ambient background music, watch the informative video and even obtain a poster featuring the entire collection of animals.

The creator of the website Species-in-pieces, Bryan James is a creative designer and art director, he hopes to educate, inspire and provoke the site visitors to think about this complex and intricate topic.

To explore the interactive exhibition, visit:

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 9th, 2019