Why quit hockey?

November 06, 2019


THIS is apropos the letter ‘Hockey disaster’ (Nov 1). The writer should know that hockey is Pakistan’s national game and needs concerted efforts to be put back on track.

We have produced world class players like Shahnaz Sheikh, Tauqir Dar, Samiullah Khan and hockey legend Shahbaz Ahmad who is known Maradona of hockey.

How can we forget our hockey stars who devoted time and energies for hockey and displayed their skills on grass or Astroturf, which is more difficult to play on than an ice field where one plays with one’s skates on, chasing a puck.

Unlike ice hockey, field hockey can be played all year round. So, why should we switch to a winter sport? Besides, I don’t think the colour of skin matters when it comes to sport and skills.

We do have hockey grounds, but the only issue is that our children these days are more interested in video games instead of getting involved in physical games.

I would urge Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) president to take steps to promote, popularise and revive hockey to produce world class players again, while the government too should support the PHF in achieving these goals.

Albert Samuel


Published in Dawn, November 6th, 2019