‘Karbala teaches us to make every sacrifice needed to uphold principles’

September 24, 2019


ALLAMA Shahenshah Naqvi speaks at the event.—Fahim Siddiqi/White Star
ALLAMA Shahenshah Naqvi speaks at the event.—Fahim Siddiqi/White Star

KARACHI: Scholars from both Shia and Sunni schools of thought paid homage to Imam Husain, his family members and companions, at Yaum-i-Husain organised on the Karachi University campus under the auspices of the Student Adviser Office on Monday.

Speaking at the event, Allama Shahenshah Hussain Naqvi said Imam Husain gave a new lease of life to Sharia, or the code of law, handed to his grandfather, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). How one should face miseries, agonies and suffering and still be successful, was taught to his followers by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). His Household (Ahl-i-Bayt) clearly manifested what he had desired of all his followers, he said. The scholar advised the students to focus on their studies. He urged them to lead a moderate and balanced life and learn from the Household how to exhibit patience and steadfastness while meeting challenges.

Allama Naqvi asked students to not be content with only one PhD but strive for mastery of multiple disciplines. He said age was no barrier to acquiring education. He said they should keep learning and aim higher and higher, which would benefit Pakistan also.

The popular scholar said: “We are faced with difficulties, no doubt. The educational institutions are also plagued by various problems. We have to highlight these issues at higher forums.” He said there was no substitute to education. “If taken care of as it deserves, education can help solve the numerous conundrums.”

Qazi Ahmed Noorani said Karbala gave us a message of peace. He said through Imam Husain we can get close to Allah. He said by offering prayers amid the battle and sacrifices, Imam Husain impressed upon us the importance of prayers.

Maulana Kazim Abbas Naqvi said the purpose of Imam Husain’s sacrifice was to uphold the supremacy of Islam. He said Husainiyyat promoted unity, rather than division, among Muslims and holding of Yaum-i-Husain at universities was a testimony to it.

Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, the acting vice chancellor of Karachi University, said Karbala taught us how to steadfastly strive for our rights and pay any cost needed to take on evil. “The great sacrifice Imam Husain offered has no parallel in history,” he said. “The spirit of Karbala is that unjust (zalim) is not only one who perpetrates atrocities, but also one who plays a silent spectator to such injustices.”

Dr Iraqi said although centuries had passed since the tragedy of Karbala, the Imam’s sacrifice and patience had acquired timelessness. He said Imam Husain’s journey to Karbala and the supreme sacrifice earned the Imam an eternal life, acknowledged by the world throughout the ages.

KU student adviser Dr Asim Ali congratulated the Imamia Students Organis­ation for holding such an organised programme and thanked the guests.

Although the midday scorching heat, which relented later in the day, was felt even under the canopy with pedestal fans humming, a good number of students and teachers attended the well-organised annual programme spread over two sessions. It began at 11am with recitation from the Holy Quran, Hamd and Salam, which interspersed speeches. The topic of the day was ‘Karbala Manshoor-i-Difah-i-Haq’.

Published in Dawn, September 24th, 2019